Sleeping Dogs Review

Sleeping Dogs: The best story driven open-world game you will ever play

  • 25 hour+ main storyline and side missions
  • 4 mission DLC packs available for around $1 each
  • Winner of Nerdr best voice acting in a game, best story in a game and best open world game

Sleeping Dogs is a game you just need to play to appreciate.  The graphics are amazing, with high res textures available for free through Steam.

I’ve never seen a game look as good as the night scenes in Sleeping Dogs.  Your jaw will drop as you see the lights of artificial Hong Kong reflect in the pools of water as the rain falls.  This game is special and dirt cheap to buy (I got it for $5, with each DLC around $2).

You know how your jaw dropped when you saw the graphical quality of the Just Cause 2 world?  Seeing Sleeping Dogs is like that.  The developers (United Front Games) chose world map density over size (I’m looking at you Skyrim!) and it shows.  The world is full of quality at every turn.

Immersion is just perfect.  The night market is FULL of 100’s of shoppers and life, something missing in modern open world games.  They really nailed the immersion out of the park in Sleeping Dogs.  The location, the story, the people, it’s just so absolutely perfect.  The people speak Cantonese, just like real Hong Kongers.

If you’ve ever visited Hong Kong you’ll see the sights and sounds right there in the Sleeping Dogs.  Now the world map is not a 1:1 of HK, but it contains the 4 main blocks, including central and connects them in an interesting style, including known landmarks like the Hong Kong exhibition center.

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