Why I’m Selling My Samsung Galaxy S4

I’ve finally decided to sell my Samsung Galaxy S4.  I have had this phone for under 6 months and already I think it is time to go.  This article is a list of the reasons why the Samsung S4 is just not worth it for me and why I think the phone market as a whole is moving in the wrong direction.

First, I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S4 brand new on launch day.  I paid around $650 for the phone at that time.  The Samsung S4 was launched around April this year.  Now, in November I am selling for around $300 just to not have it anymore.

A quick list of my reasons to sell my Samsung S4 before I cover them in detail:

  • Human eye cannot see that many PPI.
  • Poor updates (where is Android Jelly Bean Samsung S4 4.3!).
  • Expensive, and poor value.
  • Price drops heavily after just a few months, unlike Apple products.
  • Most features are gimmicks.
  • Too powerful, I don’t need all this technology on a phone.

First, let’s start with the screen of the Samsung S4.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a beautiful 1920 x 1080p with 441PPI.  When I bought the phone I thought this screen would be amazing, and it IS beautiful to look at.  But after looking at a 720p Android tablet and seeing the apps and games look EVER BETTER I realise that Steve Jobs was right.  The human eye can only see around 200-300 PPI.  Any more PPI than 300 is just wasted.

The PPI on a phone is something that everyone should start to ignore.  I think Apple are correct when they stay with a “retina” screen PPI of around 250.  It truly is the limit of the human eye.

Regarding the updates to the Samsung S4 4.3 Jelly Bean on Android.  Samsung said they will have an update to the phone in October.  Everytime I connect and try to do a OTA update to the S4 it says you already have the latest updates.  My Samsung S4 is stuck at 4.2.2, and I now think it will never be updated.  Compare this Samsung update situation with the Apple situation, where every user gets the latest updates all at the same time.  These slow updates make the Samsung S4 feel slow and old, even after just 6 months.

The phone cost me $650 on launch day through a special promotion I had access to.  I think the regular retail price was around $800 or something.  Now I checked Ebay and the selling price is around $400.  Over just 6 months I’ve lost $250!  That’s a cost of nearly $50 a month.

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  1. Thank you! Solved the problem for Far Cry 3!.