Monthly Archives: April 2011

The best PSP games IGN will not tell you about

Are you sick of reading top 10 PSP sleeper hit lists and coming across games you’ve played before and which have obviously been popular?

Well you’re in luck!, this list is not copy pasted from IGN top 10 to make the fan-boys squeal and increase revenue streams, this is 3 really good games that  Continue reading

Facebook eats Googles lunch by 2012

I finally sold my Google shares this morning after mulling it over for a week.  Here’s why:

Has Facebook seriously challenged Googles dominance in any sector to date?

A few.  A fairly large chunk of core market share has been lost to Continue reading

Should I quit my job and start a blog?

In this article i’ll cover why writing articles and starting a blog for profit may not be worth it after all.  It starts with a quick analysis of the key numbers you need to know, followed by notes and an executive summary at the end as usual. Continue reading

Startup – first impressions and feedback

Today we’re taking a look at a recently announced new tech startup;  It stood out  as a clear example of some early errors start-ups make on the key basics.  These are becoming more frequent as of late as more programmers move into becoming entrepreneurs and are worth highlighting.
Continue reading

Gawker, Gizmodo redesign by Nick Denton CEO of gawker media inc

Why did gizmodo redesign the entire website?
Gawker media CEO Nick Denton requested the change. It has been suggested by some that the staff of gawker protested the move, but at the end of the day its all trickle down.

Its not very good and I hate going there now, why do they keep it?
Because they’re hopeful. The projections suggest Continue reading