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Pic Combo Answers

Pic Combo answers. These are cheats and solutions for Pic Combo on iPhone, ipad and Android. This app is made by the same developers who made Icomania called Games for Friends GmbH. These hints, tips and solutions will help you finish the game fast.

Solutions for level 1 of pic combo.

Candidate. A picture of candy and the date September 18.
Airline, a picture of air and some clouds and tram lines.

Level 2 answers for pic combo.

Eight candles and a light bulb mean candlelight.
A tooth and a hair brush with blond hair is toothbrush.
Spirals of butter or pasta and a nice drawing of a cup of coffee is buttercup.
Lady standing with lots of money falling around her and a small girl in a box is cashbook.
Hiking books near a campsite and some fire is campfire.
A tiny house with red roof and a key together with a chalkboard means keyboard.
A red brain and a crashing wave of water is brainwave.
The pic combo is rain falling on a green frog and a black bow tie. The answer is rainbow.
A red angry man firing a man with a suitcase dressed in white and a soccer ball. The solution to this pic is fireball.
Clouds and an Italian port city means airport.

A gun and some fire or flames stands for gunfire.
Freshly roasted coffee beans or nuts and a white shopping bag represent beanbag.
Toast with a love heart made of butter and a metal circle or pan. The answer is buttermilk.
A cat sleeping on a red pillow and some fish means catfish.
A blue snow scene and a man with folded arms smiling. The solution is snowman.
A lady with a frying pan and a picture of cake, answer is pancake.

Level 3 answers and cheats for Pic Combo.

A traveling luggage bag and a big red book of answers. The cheat is casebook.
Green fruit with water splash and some light bulbs mean limelight.
A knight with a shield and sword fighting in fire and a bail or roll of hay in a big field is battlefield. This is where I was stuck, thanks to everyone in the comments.
A lady hippie artist painting a rainbow and a karate child in white attacking a man in blue is artichoke.
Open handcuffs and a bee is freebie.
A small girl holding up a piggy or pig bank and a musical note. This piccombo solution is banknote.
Five graduated degree holders from university and a child with parents riding bikes or cycles in red is unicycle.
A Buddha statue with flames and a love heart made from apples is head quarters. How is anyone supposed to guess this answer?
a big tidal wave dam with lots of water and a map of Europe or the world with flags on it. The answer is stuck.

Update! Pics Combo answers and cheats guide can be found here. That Piccombo solutions guide has every answer to every question in the game. Hope you like it!

This is the end of the Piccombo answers guide. I hope you enjoyed playing and if you are still stuck you can leave a comment below describing your pictures and say how many letters and what your letters are, and everyone visiting will try to help you solve the pic-combo.

Icomania Guess The Icon Answers

Icomania Guess the Icon Answers. These are the answers for Guess the Icon by Nisavac Wallpapers. These hints, tips and solutions will help you finish the game fast.

Level 1: Disney brand means Mickey Mouse.
Level 2: country is the USA.
Level 3 – a character is of course superman.
Level 4 movie is brave, a girl with red hair.
Level 5 is the Facebook thumbs logo.
Level 6 is a country called Mexico.
Level 7 is the comic character Batman.
Level 8 is Rocky from the old movie about boxing.
Level 9 of Icomania guess the answer is the Apple brand.
Level 10 is the coutry France.

Level 11 is the character Harry, from Harry Potter.
Level 12: Matrix is the movie name.
Level 13 – The sony brand.
Level 14 – A big statue is the country Brazil.
Level 15 – Green character is Shrek.
Level 16 is the movie Braveheart.
Level 17 is the brand of Microsoft Windows.
Level 18 is the country of the dragon, China.
Level 19 is the character Yoda from the old star trek movies.
Level 20 is the Avengers, from the Avengers movies.

The brand Mcdonalds is level 21 and shows a hamburger.
Level 22 is the country australia with a kangaroo.
Level 23 is the Batman character called Joker.
Level 24 is Leia from the old star trek movies again.
Level 25 shows the great Roman colosseum and represents Italy.
Level 26 is cartman from south park.
Level 27 is the brand Nintendo and shows the super mario brothers.
Level 28 – a yellow bird called Tweety.
Level 29 – The coutry is called Greece and shows a big ancient column.
Level 30 of Icomania guess the icon is the orange cat called Garfield.

Level 31 is the brand Adidas and looks like a blue background with three white stripes.
Level 32 – the country of India, a white building and a green background.
33: the cartoon character buzz from toy story who looks like an astronaut.
Level 34 – terminator who looks like a powerful robot with a red eye.
Level 35 – white sports shoes, is of course the brand Nike.
Level 36 is the country of Spain, where Mexicans originally came from.
Level 37 – cool looking man with sunglasses and a green background is Neo.
Level 38 of icomania guess the icon is a big boat or ship called Titanic.
Level 39 – Coffee with a green background and a red cup is the drinks brand Nescafe.
Level 40 shows three dolls and is the country of Russia.

This is the end of the Icomania guess the icon solutions and cheats so far. For more answers for the app leave a comment below and I will add them to this walkthrough.

What’s the Icon Answers Level 31 – 60

What’s the Icon is hard! so here are all the answers to the app by Cheat Master and Friends. These answers, solutions and cheats will help you finish the game before your friends.

Level 31 – A blue, yellow and green eye is Brazil.
Level 32 – A ghost with a no smoking sign is Ghostbusters.
Level 33 – A sad gray man with glasses and rain, wearing a shirt is Bieber.
Level 34 – A gold hand or crown is Rolex.
Level 35 – Pisa, a statue or tower that is leaning and nearly falling.
Level 36 – A green cartoon character who does not know what to do next is Shaggy.
Level 37 – Snoop Dogg, bald African man with mustache and small eyes.
Level 38 – Green and yellow writing logo is Super sonics.
Level 39 – Man in nice hat and interesting stare in What’s the Icon: Indiana Jones.
Level 40 – Red ladies shoes, Ruby slippers.

Level 41 – Green dolphin and an orange circle is the logo for the Dolphins.
Level 42 – Looney Tunes.
Level 43 – Pan Am, it looks like a blue basketball.
Levle 44 – Cute small deer with super saiyan red hair is Bambi.
Level 45 – The count, pink cartoon with dark monk hood.
Level 46 – Blue ladies face with yellow eyes is Avatar.
Level 47 – Big white building is Taj Mahal.
Level 48: Gray boat with smoke coming from it is the Titanic.
Level 49: A gray bird, or plane is Stealth.
Level 50: Yellow square and pink triangle is Spongebob.

Level 51: Fila is the black F with purple in the background.
Level 52: A monkey and a pink diamond is Paul Frank.
Level 53: Elmur Fudd, animated character with a yellow hat.
Level 54: Blue and red mascot is Papa Smurf.
Level 55: Green alien with finger out is ET.
Level 56: Red leaf is the national symbol of Canada.
Level 57: Red and Blue diamonds is B of A. The logo of the bank of America.
Level 58: Cars, the red and silver logo.
Level 59: Green cartoon character from a toy movie, Buzz.
Level 60: Elton John, ginger, or red haired man with glasses from decades ago.

This is the end of the What’s the Icon answers walkthrough. If you found this useful look out of the next part and share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

What’s the Icon Answers, Cheats, Solutions

What’s the Icon answers from everyone here! The app is made by game makers Cheat Master and Friends LLC. These solutions and cheats cover the first 30 levels and have a description of each icon made pic before giving the answer.

If you want all the answers to all levels in Whats the Icon you can find that here.

Level 1 – of course it’s the Batman symbol.
Level 2 – a green man with a hat, the joker.
Level 3 – A big plane, also called a shuttle.
Level 4 – Red and blue AA (two A’s) is American.
Level 5 – Red and blue again, the Pepsi logo.
Level 6 – Man in suit thinking, this is Abe Lincoln.
Level 7 – Blue horse and a man riding with a big stick is Polo.
Level 8 – Angry man with mustache and a pink or red paper hat is Jack Sparrow. He is from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Level 9 – White circle with a red square is Hello Kitty. A famous cat from China that is placed on many childrens toys and swarovski jewelry.
Level 10 – Blue car logo is for Ford.

Level 11 – Scary cartoon face with big eyes is Gollum from Lord of the Rings.
Level 12 – Red angry bowling ball is the Kool Aid Man.
Level 13 – Red and white logo is Kit Kat. Did you know Japan has green tea flavor kitkat?
Level 14 – Black writing with two T and L words is Ray Ban.
Level 15 – Red and yellow circles is Mastercard.
Level 16 – Yellow square with red square inside is Kodak, the old camera company.
Level 17 – Green mermaid with a white dot background is Starbucks.
Level 18 – Red and blue cartoon character is Mario from the Super Mario Bros games.
Level 19 – A shield symbol is for Cadillac.
Level 20 – A strong man with a yellow top or hat. It might also be a red man with a yellow hat, a wrestler, or a HB pencil with a yellow eraser at the top. This is Hulk Hogan.

Whats The Icon Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android

Whats the icon answers. These are the answers for the What’s the icon app on iphone, ipad and Android. These what’s the icon cheats, hints and solutions are hor helping you finish the game. Only use these cheats when you really need them!

You can find all the What’s the Icon Answers here.

What’s the icon answers for level 1-100. Continue reading