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For those who have not heard, have released an app.  Let me tell you what it does.  It lets you take a picture at the same time others are taking a picture around you and joins them together.  Sorta.

Wait, is that it Nerdr?  well, not quite.  You see the reason its major news (other than their significant online marketing budget) is the $41 MILLION dollars (Yes, thats dollar dollars for you English and finance majors – but I bet you Art majors didn’t even bat an eyelid!)  they secured to fund  the whole thing from none other than seqoia capital investments.  Yes, thats the same Seqoia capital investments venture capital firm that bought in to Google before it was the “in thing”.  Back in the altavista days of search engines.

And now they’re in to  What does that now mean?  With the significant market power this venture capital firm now has at its disposal, with some powerful friends in very high places, it is clear Continue reading

Motorola Xoom Androidtablet non review

Android Tablet – the Xoom Day 0 review or alternative title: why I didn’t buy one.

Here we are again.  The Android Xoom.  Such a promising device!  Alas it was not to be.  With Motorola and Adobe together crippling the devices Memory card ability and flash STILL not being available after so long I had to give up on buying one.

Then theres the price.  I understand it has Android 3.0 (codenamed Honeycomb), but is it really that great?  Especially considering the Ipad 2 having been released at about the same time.  This information, together with the Ipad 3 supposedly being released at the end of the year makes it a bad buy.  Personally, I just couldn’t justify the price point for the features I was getting.

We’ve all known companies and purchased products that promise continuous updates and features in the future which never materialize and that is a significant risk when Continue reading

Why I want to buy an Ipad 2 and the challenge of the 3DS

Why to buy an ipad 2 now rather than later:

* Much slimmer, lighter design
* Much faster GPU custom built to run the best app store games
* CPU speed doubled, meaning pages load faster
* Thats pretty much it!

With a $100 price premium over a second hand ipad, is it worth it?  well thats up to you to decide.  You can sit there and keep reading review after review but at the end of the day you need to stop and make a decision.  Will you buy?  RIGHT NOW.  knowing what you know?  I did.  Heres a link to make it easy.
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