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How to Buy a Projector – Buying Tips, Help and What to Look Out For

This week I have been looking to buy a new projector to replace my broken 1080p LCD TV. I am not looking for anything too serious, but the projector should work with a minimum resolution of 720p and in medium light. This is some of the information I used to help me choose the right projector.

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4 Scenes 1 Movie Answers

4 Scenes 1 Movie Answers for Android, ipad and iPhone.  These hints, tips and cheats will help you finish the game before your friends.  The app 4 scenes 1 movie was developed by Fruitella games.

These are the answers for the 4 scenes 1 movie app for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Level 1 – A blue guy and girl is Avatar.

Level 2 – white and black men with weapons.  The black man has his hand on the other mans shouler and they look Roman.  A man in a skirt with a sword, water and a hand.  This is Gladiator.

Level 3 – Hulk.

Level 4 – Man in black hat talking with blond lady.  Sun rays through a fence and a man shooting a flamethrower.  One man holding another mans hand.  This movie is Rambo.

Level 5 – Orange clothing on 4 men with motorcycle helmets.  These are the astronauts from the movie Armageddon.

Level 6 – a panda movie, stripey tail and a blue tiger picture.  This is Kung Fu Panda.

Level 7 – Man with red hand with white glowing palm in the middle (not the tree) is the hit movie Iron Man.  Did you know he got paid $50 million to act in Iron Man?

Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 HUGE list of codes

Huge list of Samsung Galaxy S4 codes I found on the XDA developers forum.  Copied here just in case that website is down and you need the codes.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks

This is a list of all the Samsung Galaxy S4 cool tips, tricks and cheats I find while using my phone.  I will list them all here so they are in one place.

Secret testing and configuration menu on all Samsung phones including the S4.  Call *#0*#.  Then take a look at the options for loads of cool sensors and you can use this menu to test for dead pixel on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

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How Long To Charge Samsung Galaxy S4?

Today I tested how long it takes to charge my new phone (Samsung galaxy S4).  As part of the ongoing experiment with my Samsung S4.  The total time taken for the smartphone to charge from start to finish is listed below.  It takes 2 hours to charge the battery on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Charging started at 6.15pm with 5% battery life remaining on the S4.

At 6.45pm the battery charge was at 32% complete on the Samsung Galaxy SIV.  It appears to charge 1% every minute.

At 7.15pm (60 minutes into the experiment) the phone charge was 66%.  This still agrees that the phone charges at about 1% every minute.

At this point I was thinking if maybe the Samsung S4 charges like the iPhone and iPod do.  With the Apple devices there is a rush charge for the first 80% of battery, then a trickle charge for the remaining 20%.

This was not the case!  Battery charge on the Samsung s4 was 100% complete at 8.15pm.  Taking exactly 2 hours to charge the battery on the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone.

From my previous review of the smartphone I expected it to be much longer.  I know that the battery doe snot last very long (less than 24 hours if you use the phone).  On Android you can go to settings -> More ->Battery and view a graph chart of how the battery discharges over time on the Samsung S4.

Also from my Samsung S4 review I was very disappointed by the battery life.  Thinking about this more I realise that if this was really a problem for my usage I could just buy a spare battery.  I guess I am just used to Apple locking everything into the product, but the Samsung S4 is free of restrictions.