The Room Two Walkthrough – iPad, Android and iPhone

I just finished The Room Two for iPad. Here’s how I completed every puzzle in every chapter, no cheats, just a complete The Room Two walkthrough and guide for the entire game. With hints and solutions to solve every puzzle in The Room Two.

The first chapter of The Room Two is called The Crypt.

The game opens up with a watch like mechanism and a letter. Open the letter and you’ll be given an eyepiece. The eyepiece is missing a lens. Follow the rest of the tutorial until you are given a hexagonal metal shaped object.

Now move around this table that you’re shown and on the corner of the table, near the letter, you will find another hexagonal shaped piece of metal.

Pinch out of this second table and move back to the first table that you saw. You will see two hexagonal shaped holes. Insert the two metal pieces that you picked up into these holes in the table.

That table will open up and reveal two golden discs. Swipe to rotate these discs until a big circular hole appears in the middle. A globe will appear in the middle between the two gold halves. Pick up the strange brass sphere. Insert this golden globe into the middle of the compass on the table. It will open and show an eye. We need to make a code with the compass.

Look at the letter on the first table using the lens. It will have SESWN in red ink. Enter this code by swiping on the compass middle and pick up the medallion. Tap to look at the medallion in your inventory. Now, use multitouch and two fingers to move both arrow parts at the same time to make the medallion square.

Move to the second table and place this square medallion into the center of the big box. Enter lens mode and double tap the light projection lamp that came out of the big box. You can now move the light around the walls. With your lens activated, settle the light beam on each of the red glyphs on the walls of the room.

After three separate glyphs have been found the game will zoom in to a micro observatory. Rotate the middle part to complete the symbol. It will take you to a fixed view where you have to rotate and make the correct symbol using the floating red lines and matching with a red drawing on the wall.

Completing this red puzzle will complete the first chapter of The Room Two.

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