100 Christmas Gifts Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

100 Christmas Gifts walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The 100 Christmas Gifts app is created by Gameday games. This guide for 100 Christmas Gifts contains hints, help and tips for completing every puzzle and room.  There are spoilers because this guide tells you how to get all the gifts in every level.

100 Christmas Gifts is currently free on the Android Google Play app store.

100 Christmas Gifts answers level 1. Tap on the door, then on the present box that appears.

Level 2. Tap on the present box near the tree. It will become a star. Drag and drop the star to the top of the tree. Tap santa to exit.

Level 3. On the left you will see some cushions. Drag these pillows to the right and use the key to open the door.

Level 4 of 100 Christmas Gifts. Drag and drop the candy sticks above the fireplace to the stockings. Be sure to match the colors.

Level 5 Solution. If you tap on the carpet area it will show the tip. Shake your iPhone, iPad or Android device and the curtain will open. Tap the window and then the present to exit the room.

Level 6 of 100 Christmas Gifts answers. The green bird will move when you press on it. Keep pressing and a gnome will appear. Press on the present he brings.

Level 7. Tilt your Android device to the left and right to slide the books away. Now use the matchsticks to light the candle. Tap the gift the reindeer guy brings.

Level 8. Put out the fire by shaking your Android phone. Once the fire is out and the fireplace is clean you can tap the penguin to escape the room.

Level 9. Near the right table you will see a tiny tree. Make the left tree pattern match the pattern on the small tree. A chipmunk will appear bearing gifts.

Level 10 of 100 Christmas gifts game. You have to place the Christmas items on the furniture in order. Tap the present on the floor and christmas presents will start to appear on chair. Memorize the order of the items that appear and place them on the shelf in the same order. The order to place the gifts on bottom cabinet is: Mistletoe, Christmas Tree and Candy cane. On the bookcase part left side the order is: Santa Clause, Bells and Candles. On the right of the bookshelf: Snow Globe, Stocking and finally the shining Star.

Level 11. You will see six snowflakes on screen around the door. Swipe them in order. Starting from the bottom left the order is: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up and Right.

Level 12. Move you Android phone left and right to move the snowman. Tap him and he will get smaller. After you tap him enough times he will vanish and you can exit the level.

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