100 Dooors Review for iPad, iPhone and Android

Dooors 2 review for iPad, iPhone and Android. The Dooors 2 app was created by game development company 58works. Dooors 2 is available for the iphone, ipad and Android mobile devices.

The dooors game is the sequel to dooors 1. The game style is to show you a door view, then you solve puzzles to unlock the door and exit the room. Other similar games are Dooors 1 and 100 rooms. This style of games generally has 100 before a word. Examples of apps are 100 rooms, 100 floors and 100 doors.

All these puzzle games are similar. The goal is always to solve the puzzles shown on the screen and escape the room. These are also sometimes called escape the room games.

100 Dooors has in-app purchases to allow you to buy your way out of tricky rooms. This is helpful, but can quickly become expensive (like diamonds) if you buy too many.

When playing the game, you will sometimes pick up objects from the floor or around the screen. These objects are used to do things in the room. Examples are; you could find a diamond wedding ring, then use the ring, which is also a key, to unlock a safe. Inside the safe you will find the exit to the room.

For touch devices, like ipad, iphone and android, 100 style puzzle games use tactile methods to explore the room. Touch, or swipe the screen is common, and so is turning the device upside down to make things fall from above. Although many of the new games in this style try to be unique, few manage to get high in the charts like they did last year. This is because everyone has now played 100 Dooors style games, and the puzzles and quizzes are just the same every time. These games have become stale and repetitive.

However, having said the above, 100 Dooors is a good place to start if you have never played a 100 rooms style game before. The puzzles are interesting and the app is free. It is for this reason that I would recommend you give 100 Dooors a try and see if you like it.

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