100 Floors Seasons Tower Haloween Walkthrough - Page 2

Level 9 – Count how many bats their are on each side.  Press the arrows on each side the same number of bats you saw.  First, left arrow 3 times, then swipe the left side of the door down one time.  Right arrow 2 times, then swipe the right door one time.  Left arrow once, right arrow once.  The door to 100 floors seasons level 9 opens.

Level 10 – This game is too boring.  I quit.  Okay guys, I’m back.  Sorry about the outburst lol.  So, 100 floors Seasons Tower Halloween edition level 10.  You have to make 10 on the top of the door and 31 on the bottom.  You make the numbers by dragging and dropping parts from the side walls.  Move a black brick from the bottom left to the top right door square.  Drag another black brick from the middle/top left to the top right door panel.  Move two of the bricks from the right to make the 31.

Level 11 – Pick up the lamp from the floor and attach to the top left hook.  Now you have to display a “W” and “N” by pressing the pumpkins and lamps in the shape of the letter.

Level 12 – 100 floors seasons tower level 12 walkthrough.  Select the knife in your item list.  Make the eyes and mouth on the pumpkin in the lower right corner (mouth by swiping left to right).  Pick up the small circle in the pumpkins mouth.  Attach the small circle (eye) you picked up to the ghost head.

Level 13 – You will see 4 images.  Pumpkin, bat, cross on ball (Tomb) and a cat.  Pick up the lit torch.  Use the torch on the spiderweb.  The level 13 door code is PBCT.  From the images above the door, and the thin arrow pointing right to left at the top of the door.

Level 14 – colorful room of 100 Floors Seasons Tower Halloween with R-G-B door.  There is a small disk in the lower right.  Pick this up and attach it to the right of the door.  This is the lightening button.  Press the pink and yellow (purple and gold?) door panels, then press the lightening button.  R should light up.  Now press yellow + turquoise  (gold and light blue), then lightening button to get G.  Finally, press pink and blue, then the lightening button to get the B and open the door.  RGB stands for Red Green Blue.

Level 15 – On the floor are 4 images.  Bats, spider web, cat shadow and pointy stick (scythe).  Press the pictures in order:  Top left cat, bottom right Schythe, Bottom right spiderweb, top right bat.

100 floors seasons tower halloween special levels 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 completed!

100 Floors Seasons Tower Halloween Review.  Boring.  The puzzles in 100 Floors Seasons Tower Halloween are too hard and grindy without this guide.  I give 100 Floors Seasons Tower Halloween a 0/5 stars rating.

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  1. Why 39?
    Because : zero + four = eight ( 4 letters + 4 letters = 8 letters )
    2*7 + 8 = 20 ? Two * seven + eight = 20 ( 3 * 5 + 5 = 20 letters )

    So : 2+5+9*7+0*10=39 (two+five+nine*seven+zero*ten = 39 letters).

  2. Haha where’s christmas one????.