100 Floors Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

100 Floors walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The 100 Floors app is created by Smarcle developer Arsen Pereymer and distributed by Apple. This guide for 100 Floors contains hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are spoilers, cheats, answers and solutions.

Welcome to the complete 100 Floors guide and walkthrough for iPad, iPhone and Android.

The goal of 100 Floors is reach floor number 101 in the game. This guide and walkthrough has the cheats and hints for the 100 Floors App.

The goal of the game is to get into teh elevator and move on to the next floor at each level.

100 floors level 0 – Tap the green button to continue.

100 floors level 1 – Move the bin to reveal the green up arrow.  Tap it in the item area then press on the green button.

100 floors level 2 – Move iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad left and right until the elevator doors open.

100 floors level 3 – Keep tapping on arrows and sliding fingers across the doors.  They will open eventually.

100 floors level 4 – The ladder puzzle.  Turn device upside down to crash the ladder.

100 floors level 5 – If you tap the sun dial buttons they will glow.  Move the plant on the right to reveal a hidden sun dial button and open the elevator doors.

100 floors level 6 – Move the rock until it is on the red switch.  The garage doors will then be opened.

100 floors level 7 – There is a big Gorilla, Ape or Monkey guarding this elevator door.  Search in the pile of fruit and vegetables until you find a banana.  Give the banana to the Gorilla to open the doors to the next floor.

100 floors level 8 – Tap until the pattern on the each door frame part matches the screw in that parts corner.  There is an outside and inside ring.

100 floors level 9 – Sleeping snake is on the floor.  Turn your Android or iPhone upside down and shake it baby until the snake falls.  Then move your finger over the arrow shape shown.

100 floors level 10 – Keep both balls over the middle black hole for 3 seconds to solve this problem and open doors to floor 11.

100 floors level 11 – Very lightly and quickly touch each red button.  The lighter and quicker your touch is the higher the red balls will bounce.  Quick tap them!

100 floors level 12 – The brick wall problem.  Shake your iPhone or Android device to drop the sledgehammer.  Use the sledgehammer on the wall until it breaks apart.

100 floors level 13 – Hold your finger over the hand recognition box until the door opens to the next floor.

100 floors level 15 – The door code is 1643.

100 floors level 16 – Pick up the screwdriver.  Use screwdriver on each of the 4 screws to remove the face plate on the elevator frame.  Turn iPhone, iPad or Android device upside down to reveal the elevator doors to the reach the 100th floor.

100 floors level 17 – Tilt your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3 left and right to press the buttons in the pattern shown on the door.  So left 1, Right twice, Left 3, Right 2.

100 floors level 18 – Tap all five blue lights very fast.  I recommend starting with the top one first.

100 floors level 19 – Pick up the red floor mat.  Now select the red rag and rub on the doors until they are clean.  They will then open revealing the exit.

100 floors level 20 solution – Move the yellow board.  Pick up the loose screw on the floor and insert it into the lower left corner of the elevator doors.  Then use the screwdriver to tighten the bolt until the doors open.

100 floors level 21 – Hold your Android or iPhone device perfectly vertical.  The eye will open and the lights will start to come on to reveal the doorway.

100 floors level 22 – Use the sledgehammer on the right side lion statue until it breaks.  NIWIWIS will be revealed.  This message means North, East, West, South.  Slide your finger on the door Up, East, West and South.

100 floors level 23 – Press the green switch to turn the lights on.  Attach the metal plate from earlier to the door and press the buttons in a right to left order.

100 floors level 24 – Use two fingers to lift up the heavy stone door!  An excellent puzzle in the 100 floors App.

100 floors level 25 – Set the position of the markers on the door to the approximate position of the pieces on the floor.  Bottom, Top, 3/4 of the way up and 2/5 of the way up.

100 floors level 26 fuse problem – Remove all six of the fuses from the elevator doors and surrounding area.  the numbers under the fuses are multipliers.  The fuses are: 20V, 5V and 1V.  Attach top left:1, Bottom left:5, Middle top:1, Middle bottom:20, Right top:20, Right lower:5.

100 floors level 27 – The checkedboard floor.  Move the right fridge to the right even more.  See the crack on the wall, smash with the sledgehammer to get the turnkey.  Attach this turney into the middle of the elevator door to the next floor.  Now tap and drap the turnkey around clockwise until all the green lights come on.

100 floors level 28 – The wooden floor.  The lights above the door are your guide to this puzzle.  Tap twice, wait.  Then three times, wait.  then once, wait and finally twice and wait.

100 floors level 29 – Just wait until the red box timer runs out!.

100 floors level 30 – The wooden clock level.  Set the timer to whatever your real time is right now!  This will open the elevator doors to the next floor in this 100 floors app.

100 floors level 31 – Blue wallpaper and strange symbols.  Use the screwdriver on the screws to remove them.  Then rotate the sign in the middle around until it is upside down.  This will open the doors.

100 floors level 32 – Make all the diagonal hexagons add up to 12 to match the dots on the top of the floor (543,642,741).

100 floors level 33 – Tap the button to match the color of what the picture and iimage represents on the elevator doors.

100 floors level 34 – What’s your name?  Your name is 100 floors.  So highlight the tiles to read 100 floors!

100 floors level 35 – Elevator doors have 88 written on them.  Attach the power cord to the socket.  This is floor 35.  Make the display read 3-5.

100 floors level 36 – Tap the images in this order: First first, then dog, Apple, Plane and lastly Moon.  I have no idea why.  Nerdr.com.

100 floors level 37 – You need to light up all buttons.  Move the barrel, tilt your iPhone or Android device up and press the top left square to reveal the last button.

100 floors level 38 – It’s a timing puzzle!  Just keep trying and you’ll get it eventually.  You want all the red parts in the green at the same time.

100 floors level 39 – Just 4 lines.  Tricky puzzle time.  Start from circle right 4 and 3 up.  Drag down to right 2 and 1 up.  Then up to right 1 and 4 up followed by right 5 and 1 up.  Lastly, continue dragging to right 2 up 1.

100 Floors level 40 – Quiet time.  Turn down the volume on your iPhone, Android or iPod touch device until the elevator doors open to the next floor.

100 Floors level 41 – Door with symbols inscribed on it.  If you tap on the ants they will move and make a shape with their movement.  Copy this in the images.  From top left to bottom right:  Triangle, line, hourglass, triangle.

100 Floors level 42 – Door shapes 2.  If you press the light switch you will see a small image on the doors with a shape.  This is the shape you must match for that position.

100 Floors level 43 – Move the left plant, you will see a hole.  Place the ball from your inventory into the hole.  Now tilt your iPod touch or iPhone upside down then right until the ball comes out and hits the green button.

100 Floors level 44 – 3 writings on the walls.  3B, 2W and 1G.  If you tap on the door things change.  If you move the plant you see the inscriptions on the elevator wall.  The solution is: gray, white, black, white.

100 Floors level 45 – Baloon and present.  Use the sledgehammer to break the fan system.  There is a knife at the bottom left side of your screen.  Take it and cut across the string holding the baloon.  Tilt your device as the baloon rises to press the button!

100 Floors level 46 – Rotate the images to be the mirror image of the reflections on the floor.

100 Floors level 47 – You need to make a complete circuit around the screen.  The pieces do not line up correctly, this is still a connection.

100 Floors level 48 – Floor 48.  Use the knife you picked up on floor 45 to cut some of the vines and grass around the door.  Answer is a count of the flowers of that color: 5,5,5.

100 Floors level 49 – Tap Pa, then s twice, W next, then O and finally R.  Spelling PASSWORD.

100 Floors level 50 – Floor 50!  Half way through this game.  Anybody home?  Keep lightly knocking on your device screen until the green bar fills completely.  Be careful not to break it!

100 Floors level 51 – Make a sword shape with the square.  So blacks and whites from top left:  WBWW,BBBB,WBWW.

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