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4 Pics 1 Word Answers. These are answers for the 4 Pics 1 Word app on iPhone, Android and iPad. 4 Pics 1 Word cheats contain spoilers and this walkthrough guide has all the hints and solutions to the game. … Continue reading

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  1. Help!
    Pic 1: a bunch of pictures on a wall?
    Pic 2: White room, long white table, with white chairs along both sides
    Pic 3: A bunch of flags
    Pic 4: People at a concert? Balloons and people with their arms up

    6 Letters
    4th letter is an N
    Remaining Letters: UTCPHLESYXK.

  2. Girl in car
    School lot
    Zigzag parking lot
    Park, empty

    4 letters

  3. 1) some sort of ritualistic statue of a man/woman with rosey red cheeks smiling hard
    2)purple/blue gorilla tiki statue
    3) man in outterspace
    4) 2 men in outter space next to a satelite
    letters: NAWJQWOTGOLF.

  4. Have been stuck for days. Pictures are: Girl with polka dot shoes, girl sitting on floor wearing big glasses, male model with Spiked hair, male with scarf around his head holding up westside sign. Letters are: DOYRENTVNCTA.

  5. HELP!!!

    6 letters – the letters are MFRRHZOELQAZ
    A man looks like hes plowing with teo oxen
    man holding wheat
    man overlooking his flock of sheep
    man bent down looking at crops or something on the ground. This is one of the new ones its up in the 400’s. Thank you,.

  6. Level 525
    7 letter words
    1. Fileing cabinet
    2. Bluish hallway with motion sensor alarm
    3.Blue circle with a file and an arrow poiting down
    4. A stack of papers in a binder
    help please!.

  7. Large pair of specs in a park..Black andwhite ball……fat and slim lady,,,,mesh lettersT C P ST O RRU J N A 8 LETTERS. 4 Pics 1 Word HELP PLEASE.

  8. Candle, oil towel…………..Lady having massage………………………lady doing yoga……………clear cup with herb water inside with leaf on saucer………………..8 letters.W AS I B R L E L E S N.

  9. 4 kids skippin or jumping……electriciy wind posts……woman having head massage…..A maths sum……6 letters…..N E N R F E Y GT D N A……can anyone help.

  10. HELP!!

    Pic1= person just hit a golf ball
    Pic2= a man and a woman looking on the computer
    Pic3= a teacher teaching a class
    Pic4= a slice of cake.

  11. Please help. A flat screen tv/computer, a table with jewelry on it(pearls i think), a woman teaching a group of people something, and someone with a small plate of food. B y l l d i v p s v v a.

  12. 5 letters: DEGBZBNLXWOV
    A girl reading a book with a flashlight under the covers or a tent.
    A row of 4 crumpled papers with the 3rd being yellow and drawing around it making it look like a light bulb or idea bulb.
    A family crowded in on the couch overlooking DAD reading a book to them
    A young man holding and looking at something like a iPad with wide eyes as colors emitt from the device.


  13. Pictures include”
    A basketball going into a hoop, with a shodow of the ball behind it.
    A sheet of music
    A pencil with a smile and 3 checkboxes with a greet smile face, a yellow impartial face and a red mad face
    A pic of somthing perhaps scribed on a wal
    Its 5 letters and the letters are: egacrpizcbos


  14. Help …. Man putting drops of food on plates
    Two women. One with wedding dress
    Hand with bandades
    Manikin in window. ????????.

  15. 1. Young man smile 2. Woman smile 3. Old man smile. 4 little girl smile
    Six word


  16. Now different for people smiling .. Why change??


  17. Android words4pics vm
    Hot air balloon, seal in water, fish in water w/ lily pad bedside fish,
    Bunch of carrots.
    Letters are
    A F Q S E P P U M J R R G A
    6 letter word

  18. Help Android version 275…. Soldiers kneeling in sand with guns pointed, Drawing of 2 people pointing up to a thought bubble and maybe arguing, Lady with a thought bubble of parents and child and money, and a guy with a devil image on one side of head and a angel image on the other. Letters: TIBWECLNF…. Revealed: CO_ _ L _ _ _. Thanks!.

  19. A book shelf full of old books, a Statue of a bearded mans head, an owl on a branch and a close up of a molar with white stuff on it. M d c p p i m e o s z w and is 6 letters long.

  20. 1. A Foot kicking a soccer ball, goalie jumping to block the ball.
    2. The bottom of some ones legs (calves and feet) hiking with tow sticks.
    3. A Fish or a stingray
    4. A Man with laid back in his chair with is arms behind his head and his feet kicked up and crossed on the table.

    4 Letter Word – EWLFLKTTSOOP


  21. 1.Mint tea
    2.Lady meditating
    3.Lady getting massage
    4.Masage kit.

  22. Baby under water, person swimming under water, man with goggles under, and 2 divers under water

    letters IVLYSGWGNUDI.


  24. Help!
    4 letters
    2 mountain climbers
    A car driving fast
    And a teacher teaching a lady with a tan hat on.

  25. I need help!
    -man and baby brushing teeth
    -man and baby sleeping
    -boy and man’s shoulder
    -man hugging a baby
    6 letter word help!!!!!.

  26. Need help…

    Pic 1 – A Red Curtain with “The End” – Like the closing of some type of show.
    Pic 2 – 3 Sevens ona slot machine
    Pic 3 – A Pen on a Loan Application
    Pic 4 – A Pen next to some stacked coins

    6 Letter Word

  27. Help please I’m stuck on level 508 the word is 8 letters long and the letters are SNSRXSTORTCA first pic is. Black and wight ball ying yang I think the second is a blur picture with glasses and you can see clearly threw the lens 3rd Is a girl looking at her self on side she is big the other skinny the 4th pic the top half is wight and bottom is wavey black dots.