Badly Drawn Faces Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

If you know the answers with ??? leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the Badly Drawn Faces guide! (with your name).

Badly Drawn Faces Squid Pad

Big bird
Phineas Flynn. I just kept searching for triangle head cartoon!
Stewie Griffin
Patrick Star. From Spongebob squarepants.
Pope Benedict XVI.
Bill Murray. The guy from Ghostbusters and Groundhog day.
Whoopi Goldberg. She changed her name to Goldberg to be succesful in Hollywood. It worked.
Tiger Woods. Lucky guess!
Worf. From Star Trek.
The Riddler.
??? – Pochantos? not sure.
Arnold Shortman. From hey arnold.
Conan o’Brien
Ellen Degeneres
Silent Bob
Daffy Duck
Lone Ranger

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10 Responses to Badly Drawn Faces Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

  1. On Cod pad, 6 of the faces are Angelina Jolie, Chucky, Strawberry Shortcake, Ghost Rider, Betty Suarez, and Cherilyn ‘Cher’ Sarkisian.

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  4. Are you pumpkin kidding me, julius ceasar is famous!.

    • Lovely themed abuse there anonymous, always nice to see someone getting into the Halloween spirit, and with such gusto!

      Julius Ceasar is kinda famous but I think someone more modern would fit better. Badly drawn faces is mostly television and music celebrities after all. Also, it looks like a random dude with leaves on his head. Could easily be the local vagrant after a rough night.

  5. To squid pad add Keith Richards, Rocket J Squirel, Gene Shalit, pipi longstocking, mother teresa, yoko ono, burger king, ren, severus snape, dagwood, alf, Yonni, Alfalfa.

  6. To cuttlefish add John Wayne, Susan Boyle, Amy Winehouse, yosemite sam,cleopatra, humphrey bogart, joseph stalin, Dr Doom, George Lucas, Shaq, Fat Albert, Flava Flav, ICe T, Marlon Brando, Peter Griffin, Michael Myers, Louis Armstrong, Bono, RAfael Nadal, Eddie Murphy, Frozone, Russell Brand, Willie Nelson, Al Capone, TIntin.

  7. Cuttlefish (complete):
    eddie murphy
    marlon brando
    susan boyle
    joseph stalin
    louis armstrong
    russel brand
    humphrey bogart
    amy winehouse
    ice t
    cleopatra vii
    jack nicholson
    jackie chan
    dr doom
    george lucas
    fat albert
    princess leia
    willie nelson
    flava flav
    al capone
    macho man randy savage
    robin hood
    mitt romney
    rafael nadal
    stay puft marshmallow man
    michael myers
    barack obama
    teenage mutant ninja turtle
    peter griffin
    yosemite sam
    shaquille oneal
    dorothy gale
    henry viii
    john wayne.

  8. Eddie Murphy
    Peter griffin
    Flava flav
    Willie Nelson
    These r all answers.