Bitcoin Laws Imminent - comment page 2

This week the US courts service ( has shown increasing interest in Bitcoins.  Their research is ongoing but hastily scaling-up from where it was last week. Seems we have new orders from the top. The question then becomes, who’s first … Continue reading

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72 Responses to Bitcoin Laws Imminent - comment page 2

  1. TheVoiceOfReason

    I think you are missing more than a few facts when you draw you conclusions.

    For instance, can you cite the “Anti currency creation laws already in place here in the US” you refer to?

    Sounds big and scary, but I doubt such statutes exist that would pertain to Bitcoin. I’d like to hear you reasoned argument how any real statute “could theoretically” be applied to Bitcoin.

  2. Bitcoin. I struggle with the fact that people are stupid enough to buy into this. However, Bitcoin will either die a natural death (like Frankenstien pitched forked and burnt to death by angry villagers, natural for young Frank), or be regulated to death. Either way don’t touch it.
    Currently with little or no regulation, bitcoin can be used as an anonymous halidar or for blatant money laundering and payment for the not so honest.

    Consider also that exchanges can be manipulated as is the ‘currency’ and no doubt counterfeit bitcoins will also turn up.

    If you have half a brain, get out while you can.