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Funny Youtube Channels Part 1

These are the absolute funniest craziest Youtube channels I could find today. If you don’t like them I have failed. But you will like them, because they are crazy and funny Youtube channels. Let’s start the first ever list.

Funny Youtube channel 1 – Howtobasic

Take a look at the Youtube channel of howtobasic.  Notice how all the videos come with casual names.  Sounds innocent right?  now open one and hit play.  This guy (howtobasic) is totally crazy.  He throws and smashes eggs, slaps his legs, where are his pants?  Howtobasic is just a strange man walking around.  Nobody knows, and the mystery makes it fascinating.

Search for “howtobasic” on Youtube to see the egg smasher.

Look out for the baby howtobasic brings out for some videos.  Many people leave messages asking the guy who cleans up his mess.  Nobody knows.

Funny Youtube channel 2 – Markorepairs

Markorepairs is learning English.  To help Markorepairs learn English he has made a set of videos to show him practising.  While practising, he discusses some of his favorite hobbies, which include: his old VHS and furniture player collection and how to make coffee.  Markorepairs is just too happy, and everyone on Reddit loves him for his funny retro VHS review.

Search youtube for “cofe time for in talk English”.  Yes, that is literally the title of the video.

Highlight is his VHS review.  You will love the English very much!

Funny Youtube channel 3 – unknown

I saw a funny series of cooking videos from a guy on Youtube.  Now I can’t find them and my Youtube history is deleted.  Really sorry guys, I had it all planned out to talk about and everything.  It’s a guy cooking things, badly.  And he’s really slow and awkward at the start (intentionally and obviously fake, but still funny).  It was an average youtuber, nothing too great.  If I figure out who it was I’ll update this article.  If you know, then leave a comment!

Edit: Found him, he’s called Henry Phillips and the Youtube videos are called “Henry’s Kitchen”.  Enjoy.

I hope you like these Youtube videos and channels I found for you.  If it proves popular I’ll make a Funny Youtube Channels part 2 and tag it from here.

What are your favorite Youtube channels?