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Groupon IPO Tanking Ahead – Will Google or Facebook Save Groupon First?

PREDICTION: Google or Facebook buy Groupon post-IPO at a significant discount on its current ridiculous $1 billion valuation.

The set up:

I signed up to Groupon last year and stupidly gave them my main email address for what was quite a nice offer.  Half price dinner for two at a local restaurant.  After that, I opened a few of the offer emails they sent me every few days.  Some were of interest, but mostly were just noise.

Over time this just got worse. Continue reading

Facebook Movies will be live within 12 months

I predict we’ll see Facebook Movies by early 2012 to compete directly with YouTube Movies.

Here’s why:

Facebooks main competitor, Google, is moving into the on-demand-movie space with its YouTube Movies service.  It’s a hot market right now.  But Google has always lacked the deep social network advantage Facebook has at its disposal. Continue reading