Celebrities Fun Challenge Free Answers - Page 2

Level 6 answers for celebrity fun challenge free.

Sharon Stone
Paul McCartney
Axl Rose. Lady with blue bandana on her head.
Andre Agassi
Nelson Mandela.

Level 7

Charles Chaplin. The game might also accept Charlie Chaplin.
Tom Hanks.
Paris Hilton.
David Beckham. British guy who is smiling with blonde hair.

Level 8

Pamela Anderson
Tiger Woods
Fidel Castro
Bob Marley.

Level 9

Michelle Obama
Britney Spears. She has hair in this picture.
Jack Nicholson
Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have checked the spelling, this is correct.

Level 10

Celine Dion.
Julia Roberts
Katy Perry. Girl with red lipstick.
Bill Gates. Old guy with glasses, not Steven Hawking.
Peyton Manning.

This is the end of the Celebrities Fun Challenge free app answers guide. I hope you liked the walkthrough. Overall, I didn’t enjoy this game as much as the others. I don’t know why, maybe it’s burnout from playing these too much?

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