Dooors Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

Dooors level 18. 2 golden balls and 2 red buttons. Careful timing is needed here. Press a red button, then press it again just as that golden ball is at the very top of it’s height. Do the same on the other side too to exit.

Dooors level 19. Swipe the left door up to reveal a button. Press to turn green, then lower the door. Swipe up the right door, get the orange ball and press the button. Lower that door. Now select the orange ball and tap the light circle at the very top of the screen. All lights will now be green. Swipe up the middle door to exit.

Dooors level 20. The smoke room with circle colored disks. The easiest answer is to make the yellow parts on each disk point to the door as much as possible. Then tap the door to open it. For the lower left circle the yellow is at up-right, and down. For the right circle the yellows are up-left and down.

Dooors level 21. The blue circle levels are attached to your gyroscope in this puzzle. place your device perfectly flat and the light will turn green. Then slide the door right to open.

Dooors level 22. Place the orange in the top middle circle. Under the bottom left wooden floor panel is a magnifying glass. Select the magnifying glass, then tap the hand print circle on the back of the right tiger. This will show fruits. From lower left to lower right: green leaf, yellow lemon, red cherry, orange orange, yellow banana, purple, red strawberry.

Dooors level 23. Swipe everything to the right to reveal a button on the back wall. Press it to turn the light green and swipe the door left to open.

Dooors level 24. frozen door 24. Use the fire stick you have to light both fires. now pull the chains from right to left, the back to the right. You pull the chain on the far left only once! This will melt the frozen door and allow you to escape the dooors.

Dooors level 25. Flags of the world. Use the magnifying glass on the Japanese flag (red circle on white background) to see the code. 2562. Set this code into the concrete blocks.

Dooors level 26. Place the ladder under the left chain. Now pull the left chain to make the door rotate. You have to stop the door spinning using the right chain at the exact right time. Keep trying.

Dooors level 27. Hungry door with 4 balls and flowers. Feed in this order: Yellow, Blue, Red, Green. It is based on the count of each color in the flower scene. I really like the eating sound effects here.

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