Emerald Den Escape Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

Notice the set of abstract stone sculptures.  They look like symmetric numbers.  2,1,7,3.  Notice also the backgammon board.  It contains a green emerald.

Remember the paintings.  It’s a painting of some Apples (3).  It’s a painting of some flowers (6).  It’s a painting of a couple of birds (2).  It’s a painting of some hot air baloons (8).

The sun shines through the window onto the floor.  Move to the window area.  Climb the stool you placed earlier.  Use the wand for the left blind to close it.

Emerald den escape walkthrough.  Use the pliers on the middle blind to pull out a paperclip from the blinds.  Now tap the middle blind again to close it.  Nerdr.com.  No item required.

Use the paperclip from the middle blind to fix the right blind.  Tap the right blind of the 3 again to close it.

Look at each floor board in turn.  The sun shines through the holes onto the floor.

First floor board is spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds.

Second floor board is 3, 4, 2, 1.

Third floor board is dark brown, darkest brown, white, light brown.  3,4,1,2.

Move to drawer 5 and use the buttons to enter the playing card symbol code.  The playing card drawer code is light brown diamond, white heart, medium brown spade and dark brown club.  Inside the cabinet you will find a wooden cube.

Good idea but the dice cup is empty.

It’s is some kind of machine.  It looks like something goes in it.  On the right of the fireplace is a box under the colored emerald den escape tulips.  Place the wooden cube boxes into it.

Attach the control unit to the lid of the wooden cube box to the right of the fireplace.  The control unit needs to be connected to the machine.

Attach the cable to the control box in emerald den escape.  The control unit will now be connected to the machine.  Press the big red button on the control unit.

The machine has burned something onto the wooden cubes.  /x+-.  Divide, Multiply, Plus and Minus.  Pick up your green emerald token from the middle of the box.

Now you have opened all drawers you will see a “coffee machine” under the cubes above the drawers.

These buttons are not active, something is missing.  Place the dice cup into the dispenser above the open 6 drawers.  Better leave it there until it has some dice in it.  Pick up a green diamond.

The code for the dice dispenser is left, top, right, down, top, right.  The dice cup has been filled with dice and something else.

Move to the couch screen and the backgammon board on the table.  Use the dice cup filled with dice on the board to get a token.  Notice the dice code:  2,3 and 5,6.  Also note the count of red dots on the dice:  1,3 and 2,4.

Move to the code box near the main door.  Use the screwdriver to remove the panel on the left of the number pad.  You will see a green wire and a red wire.  Insert the fuse between the two wires and tap again to replace the cover.

Insert the keycard into the slot to activate the keypad.

First Emerald Den Escape door code is  2536.  This is from the dice you rolled.  Place a token over the green dot after you enter this code.

Second emerald den escape code is 2473.  This is from making an equation from the clock times.

Third door code is 3271.  This code is from the symmetrical sculptures above the couch, in the order of the colored globes on the 6 drawer cabinet.

The fourth and last door code in Emerald den escape is 3862.  This is the count of things in the paintings.  Following the order of the wooden sculpture above the 6 drawer cabinet.

You’ve unlocked the swipe card door.  You may now leave Emerald den escape to the sunshine.

Emerald den escape Review.  Overall I liked this game but the puzzles were too difficult, random and took too long.  Some of the puzzles in Teralumina Emerald escape were good.  Graphics come in at 3/5.  This is not COD, but it is not bad if you are using the Emerald den escape HD version.  Sound is average 2/5.  Overall I give Emerald den escape a 2/5 because of the weak puzzles.

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20 Responses to Emerald Den Escape Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 2

  1. Can you help me with the fourth drawer I’ve done the right order but its not working?.

    • Liv, Did you remember to press the middle button twice in the middle of the code? The code is based on the color of the flowers above the drawers and the colors of the vases in the drawer. The main mistake is not noticing two 2’s in the middle for the 2 roses. Try again?.

      • Hi, I have pressed the middle button twice, done the code as mentioned but the door still won’t open! Why?.

        • Yeah mine got stuck too. I exited the app and tried again. It took a few tries. I don’t know why. Also, the code in the guide might be wrong, i’ll check it again later. The code is based on the flower and vase colors in the emerald den.

  2. I have entered all the codes of the main door and put the tokens too but the door is not opening. Please help.

    • The guide is complete and I noted everything during the play through. All I can suggest is read guide again and see if you missed anything. Sorry Ak!.

  3. Thanks for your help!
    Just one question:
    “The code for the dice dispenser is left, top, right, down, top, right.”
    How did you find that ?.

  4. How do I open drawer 5?.

  5. You forgot to tell is that after we enter each door code to press the E button.

  6. Help me please T^T

    I cannot open drawer 4

    I have already done middle right left Middle middle left right

    But it nor correct.

  7. Hello. How do you know the clock codes? I know the 9:23=923. But when I add all of them together it doesn’t give me 2473. And how do you know the third door code? My ‘symmetrical’ stone structures aren’t symmetrical. Thanks.

  8. Awesome but difficult puzzles 3.5 out of 5.

  9. How did you get the ice dispenser code?


  10. Ty it helped a lot thanks.

  11. You said to put code using black buttons on drawer 4 in emerald den escape, but there are no black buttons, just 3 squares.

  12. Loved these escape games. I only got stuck on the dice des pending sequence. Checked walk through and still don’t see where it was worked out from? L T R B T R. .?.