Facebook eats Googles lunch by 2012 - comment page 1

I finally sold my Google shares this morning after mulling it over for a week.  Here’s why: Facebook.com Has Facebook seriously challenged Googles dominance in any sector to date? A few.  A fairly large chunk of core market share has … Continue reading

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12 Responses to Facebook eats Googles lunch by 2012 - comment page 1

  1. It would be interesting to see you at the end of 2013 eating your words “Putting the two together then, I’d say by 2013 Facebook will own the web. “.

    • Facebook is moving in to search/recommendation engines and increased communication capabilities in the social space (ie. Email)…its gonna happen ;), the question is: Can it beat Google?…I think it has the engineers, drive and cash to do it. No doubt about it.

    • Predicting anything online is hard, but the reason why I believe this is accurate is because I see my client’s ad dollars headed to Facebook. Not just directly to Facebook, but throughout the surrounding advertising ecosystem: to PopularFans and other similar fan acquisition services. Not only that, but companies have started promoting their Facebook URL on their print and television ads. That reminds me of the 90s when everybody was on AOL and companies would promote certain AOL keywords to search. This isn’t to say that Google isn’t still going to be a big-time player: they’re just not going to dominate online traffic and importance like Facebook will in the near term. If they combine location with daily deals system with all of the personal info they have about people, they can come up with relevant ads like nobody else and if I had the means right now I’d be all over investing in Facebook.

  2. IMHO Facebook has potential to do things to give hard time to other players in the industry like MFST, apple, Google, yahoo but if they focus on what they are good it will makes them different from the crowd since now all these players slowly copying what fb does i.E. Like, share etc now you can see on linkedin, google , MFST etc so i bet fb will make new era.

  3. I think 2012 is too soon. Google is too big a company just to fold to Facebook in that short period of time. Unlike Myspace, Google has a lot of different options and I believe they’re already looking for solution against facebook.

    • I think the social is much more difficult to emulate than search or comms. I always go back to facebook, but if gmail shuts, or google search folds i’d quickly start using hotmail or yahoo search. But how quickly can I replace my friend network on facebook (or twitter for that matter), its a lot of friends to reconnet with.

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  5. Seiymor Wanyek

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  7. Probably the biggest thing left completely out of this “prediction”…

    Email’s biggest use is in business, do you really think that businesses are going to move their email accounts to a company that hosts their employee’s personal diaries?.

    • I didn’t realize that, excellent comment Grant and certainly an important point. Facebook is personal + marketing and hasn’t really been used at all for serious B2B yet. Clever insight indeed!.