How to make a bootable Mountain Lion USB install drive - comment page 1

Make a bootable USB drive Install of Macbook Pro OS Mountain Lion. This is the process I used to make a bootable USB drive of the Mountain Lion Operating System on my Macbook Pro. My Macbook was the Macbook Pro … Continue reading

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19 Responses to How to make a bootable Mountain Lion USB install drive - comment page 1

  1. Thanks for the tip about the PRAM.
    Never would have entered my mind.
    Without this integral step, the USB install just causes great pain.

  2. Oh Boy, you saved me! You are the only article I found on the internet talking specifically about the issue of not being able to proceed with the installation of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 due to message errors. I tried and tried until I thought almost I had to bring my iMac to Apple store, until I saw your post. It was the PRAM. Followed your instructions and worked like a charm.

    Thank you from London town. CF.

  3. Thanks for the PRAM tip! That was my obstacle.

  4. Thanks a million … worked great.

  5. Malcolm Derrick

    Hi, when I try to copy the “installESD.Dmg” from source to destination (USB stick) it starts off fine then towards the end an error message says “restore failed” and something about an argument. Any suggestions?


    • Did you format your USB stick to journal extended? Is the error a show stopper? If the file still copied over it should be okay (test first!).

      If it is a show stopper, I recommend starting again and following the instructions exactly. Also, zap the PRAM.

  6. Malcolm Derrick

    You are correct, the files were on the stick and, after zapping p ram, it has started and using stick to reinstall. Thanks very much?.

  7. How to remove Bootable OS X Mountain Lion USB Drive from Flash?I have 16gb flash but don’t know how to remove Bootable OS X Mountain from my flash. Please help.
    Thank you.

  8. Dood!!, thanks big time!!, this was the answer I was looking for!!. Rock on!! \m/!!.

  9. Awesome, i was wondering why i kept getting that reinstall issue, thanks for the pram reset. I had to reset the pram for a different issue the other day as well. Apple needs to make all os releases via usb, as much as i like the app store, the usb is crucial for us nerds for various issues.

  10. Hey, thanks. Worked like a charm on MacBook Pro. I couldnt get beyond the “Try reinstalling” error message until I did the PRAM trick.

  11. You have been a great help, resetting the PRAM solved my problem that I couldn’t find solution else where. Thank you very much.

  12. My HHD went bad so I pulled it completely out of my MacBook and wanted to try and run Lion from a USB drive. I also have a MacBook pro and used it to help. I installed it and everything seemed perfect until the end when it said, Must have a recovery drive. Can I create a partition or use a small separate flash for this, can you run a Macbook strictly from a USB flash drive when there is no drive in the computer? It seems like there has to be a way right?


    • You can run a macbook from an external usb drive (and thumb drive). I do this. Try holding the left ALT or option key when starting up, then select the drive you want to boot from.

  13. SoHeL Ahmed sarkar

    Thanx bro, for ur time to give maximum details of the process. It helped me a lot….

  14. THANKS ,this is the best tutorial for instalation error.

  15. So how to.