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How to write better articles

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say my writing is now at 5.  Maybe 6 at it’s best.  It started last month at around a 1.  Yes it really was that bad.  Bad enough to get this website banned from Reddit!

Now I’d argue my writing is at least passable.  This is great and was the goal of this website.  Achievement unlocked.

There’s two main techniques I used to become a better writer.

  1. Write!  There’s an old saying “good writers write”.  I started this website with the core aim of getting better at writing.  I’m far from perfect, but I can really feel myself getting better at writing each day.
  2. Copy!  Find the best writers in your field (for me it’s start-up news) and copy their articles word for word.  Basically you need to transcribe their text.  This is for practice only!  Of course you should never publish your copies as that’s just silly and against copyright law.  The goal of this exercise is to feel out the mindset of experts.  To pick-up the words they use regularly, their mannerisms, their article architecture.  Once you have that you will find yourself naturally and subconsciously mimicking their writing style in your own work!  Easy points.

Good luck and remember to keep practising!

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