Icon Pop Quiz Seasons Box Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android

Icon Pop Quiz Seasons box Answers. This complete Walkthrough of Icon Pop Quiz Seasons Box contains all the cheats, tips and hints to solve the Icon Pop Quiz questions for the Holiday Season.

Icon Pop Quiz Holiday Seasons Box Level 1. There is currently only one level for the seasons box of Icon Pop Quiz, and it’s not very good. The game app creators want you to share the game link on Facebook or Twitter to unlock the Seasons Box. There is a trick to unlock the Seasons box without using Twitter or Facebook. If you choose the option to share the Icon Pop Quiz using Twitter, then when the Twitter screen loads just don’t hit send. The Icon Pop Quiz app will still see that Twitter has been used and unlock the entire Seasons box for you. You can then use this guide to get the answers to the Christmas puzzles.

Icon Pop Quiz Holiday Seasons Answers. These are the solutions to the Seasons Box questions in Icon Pop Quiz.

The Gingerbread Man
The Nutcracker
Zwarte Piet. Who is Zwarte Piet? It sounds like something European. It might be an evil santa like the US Grinch.
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Jack Skellington
Oogie Boogie
The Grinch
Ebenezer Scrooge
Kevin Mccallister. Kevin Mccallister was the screen name of the kid in the hit movie Home Alone.
Harry Lyme
Miss Piggy

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14 Responses to Icon Pop Quiz Seasons Box Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. Great game!.

  2. Hello, just to let you know, Zwarte Piet is indeed European, it’s Dutch . I don’t know if you are familiar with someone called Sint Nicholas (Sinterklaas), he is like Santa for Dutch people. Zwarte Piet is the name given to his helpers. In translation it means Black Piet. He is not evil , he is nice actually, imagine him being like an elf of Santa . Oh and Sint (later mentioned) is a horror movie about Sint Nicholas.

    • This is awesome Megan! So Zwarte Piet are like the elves of dutch Santa. I find the north European countries have these really interesting traditions that nobody knows or talks about here in America. Like did you guys know trolls are a real thing there…they were giants.

  3. Just found your site today. I am loving it keep it up, you’re doing great.

  4. You can also just put Black Peter in and it will give you 100. That’s what it translates to. As the other poster said, it’s a Dutch thing. My oma always told me he was like Santa’s helper.

  5. I love ittttt! Thank you for the answers and for those great infos. Keep it up! Xx.

  6. Zwart peit is German for black Peter.

  7. The hint was ‘bazinga’ but i forgot which picture icon, level, and category it’s placed under. I now know the answer. Sheldon / Big Bang theory. Please tell me where to locate it. The category and level so that i can finally answer it please. Thnx.

  8. Hey, great guide!

    So “Sint” will be accepted obviously, but typing in “saint nick” as I did will also work. The staff he’s holding is identical to the one he has in the horror movie “Sint”(“saint nick” is the title for that film here the US, at least on Netflix — same place I watched “Rare Exports”!) If it weren’t for Netflix I would never have seen St Nick and never had any idea who the Black Pete or Saint Nicholas characters are.

    Also “eld-man” should be “elf-man” I think? This particular catagory seems to have more obscure non-mainstream entries than the rest? Still fun!.

  9. Thanks for the answers, they really helped cuz I didn’t know a lot of them.

  10. Very helpful! Thank you!.