Is The PSP Vita Worth It? - comment page 1

You’re thinking is the PSP Vita worth it.  It’s a difficult decision, and costs a medium serious sum of money.  Here I will go through all the reasons to get a PSP Vita, and to not get a PSP Vita.  … Continue reading

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4 Responses to Is The PSP Vita Worth It? - comment page 1

  1. It is a big no for me. The gaming handheld is a wonder to hold but its cost is outrageous. 100 bucks for a 32 gigabyte memory card…. Really Sony? To add to that shortcoming, there are the extreme lack of ps vita games. There is Killzone, and Uncharted but all the other “so called” vita exclusives are those I already purchased for consoles. This was a waste of 300 bucks along with that so called memory card. This is my opinion, if you’re going to spend all that money; you’re better off getting a next gen console. Heck, I would be happier if I had bought a 3DS, at least then I could get some games on it!.

    • Actually, I think the best thing to do would be to get a PS4, PS Vita and a Playatation plus membership. With the Playstation plus you get free games every month. And the games on playstation plus are good AAA games! Not like the junk xbox gives for free. But buying all three things will get expensive fast, like nearly $1000. Is gaming worth that much?.

      • Is gaming worth that much? That’s a question you have to ask yourself… To me? It is, to me, $1000 is a small price to pay.
        I have a top tier gaming PC that I built myself, is watercooled, and cost me around $4000, to build myself. If that was an alienware or such it would’ve probably been $10k…
        I also own a PS3, Xbox360, Wii, PSP, etc…
        I haven’t been into handhelds in a while now, but am in the market for one. I do have a PS4 on preorder, but it will most likely see very little play time except for exclusives that I can’t play on PC.
        But back to handhelds, I want one. I am caught between a PS Vita and 3DS. I love rpgs, I like shooter. I like pokemon, but I love jrpgs, Im partial to Playstation…

        I just am trying to decide if the PS Vita is a wothwhile investment over a 3ds.

        • How about picking a PS Vita and the flat 2DS?

          Also, the PS4 might have a special bundle with a PS Vita on release because they work well together. Lots of options!.