Kevin Roses’ new venture – Milk

Kevin Rose has announced his new startup, Milk Inc.

Rather than focus on one particular idea, as is the norm for a startup, he’s decided to take a fresh approach and focus on brainstorming a ton of ideas until something sticks to the wall.

He’s teaming up with his old pal and little spoon Daniel Burka who recently left his position at Glitch (some random game website, not worth bothering with) to join Milk. This is the guy who made Digg look good. No idea if he was involved in V4 though, so he remains cool until we’re told otherwise. He’s awesome at what he does, so at least the new site will be visually appealing.

The Unique Selling Point of Milk inc. is indeed the brainstorming. With up to 10 very clever Silicon Valleyers/Bay area hipsters working closely together covering all the important bits of making a startup work, its sure to come up with something useful given enough time and venture capital funding. Kevins made a point of mentioning a big drive for “BIG IDEAS”, those that disrupt well entrenched old school business using modern web tech.  So probably Groupon mixed with Facebook then.

But does this guy still pull the numbers?

Many on Reddit to this day still claim the success of was based primarily on Kevin and his lucrative fan base from the old Tech TV/Broken days. These guys (and that one girl who showed up before being quietly shooed away) were actively involved in Digg from the very beginning and single handidly helped Digg achieve that much needed critical mass. With that fan base now long gone to that glorious tellytubby site, thanks to the money grab that was Digg 4.0, does he still command the presence he once did? Will everything this guy touches turn to gold or has the milk been left out overnight, in high heat and humidity.  Like Pownce.  Sorry.

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