Pic Combo Answers – Level 1 to Level 7 for iPhone, iPad and Android

These are Pic Combo answers to every question in the game. This new app has fun puzzles and these cheats and solutions will help you finish the game fast. Pic Combo is available free for iPhone, iPad and Android. Here … Continue reading

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31 Responses to Pic Combo Answers – Level 1 to Level 7 for iPhone, iPad and Android

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  2. The missing number is 4.

  3. I got 3 men smiling plus someone stepping on a shovel
    Can anybody help?.

  4. The answer is team work my friend.


  6. Confused Teen

    Hey, um I’m really stuck on one
    Picture one
    Is a pair of handcuffs
    Picture two
    Is a bee

    Thnx to whoever answers my question :D.

  7. Im stuck…please help.

    A dog + a man finishing a race
    letters available are L Z I E G N D J U G I
    a 9 letter word

  8. Please help I am stuck on this one..There is a girl who’s has a cup in her hand and she is on the the floor lying and the arcing picture is 2 men taking something out and the words are ieamevibtsepjc.

  9. The first picture is of a cola can and the 2nd picture is of a star and the letters are letters are TXLCEPOMPARSRI.

  10. Looks like a band and a man with measuring tape
    Help please.

  11. Level 7 is missing an answer… I am stuck and can’t find it here. First picture what looks like a woman playing golf and second picture is a guy holding a sign that says Hollywood. My available letters are GKEMKVURLGAAP and the word has 3 letters followed by a T and then another 3 letters. Please help.

  12. On pic combo I can’t find the one that has a pile of coal and an 8 ball. Anybody?.

  13. Level 2 numbee 17! A sky and and a bay? What?!.

  14. A dog with magnifying glass on eyes and a girl smelling what she cooked helpppp.

  15. I’m stuck on a picture with som sort of stones and a black eight ball or cue ball. I can’t find the answer anywhere.

  16. There is a man signing a piece of paper and the other pic. Has envelopes flying out of the mall box.

  17. I’m stuck again! The first picture has two purple fingers in the peace sign, the second one shows grass and leaves. Can someone please help me?.

  18. Not help i picplus pic 5 nature.

  19. I am stuck on level 3 of pic combo. First pic is of a satellite and second pic is a drop of water in a pan??? Can’t find the answer anywhere. Please Help!!!! Thanks.