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Solitaire free online, the most addicting game of solitaire you will ever play.  Better than worldofsolitaire could ever dream to be, play it here.

Here is the link to

At Solitaire Free you can play a live game of solitaire to your hearts content. You will receive 10 points for each card placed in the solitaire pile and can refresh the game by pressing the F5 key on the keyboard. Move cards with your mouse genius.

The game of solitaire has a long winding history that you can read all about on the solitaire wiki page. The common version of solitaire everyone enjoys these days is known as Freecell solitaire among professional players. Second on the popularity list is Klondike solitaire, followed from a significant distance by old one leg spider solitaire. There are no professional solitaire players.

Do Solitaire tournaments exist? In a single word, no. Solitaire means single player and since the challenge of a game of Solitaire is mostly random it would be unfair to hold tournaments. Unless every player started with the same deck and the competition was a timed test. With the player who completes 3 predetermined decks to the solitaire end condition fastest being given the trophy. There’s a million dollar idea for you, you’re welcome.

Solitaire is predominantly played by office ladies and bored secretaries looking to spice up their lives between serving “The Man”. It’s also played by bored I.T. Staff who’ve been banned from playing counter Strike on the office network. Solitaire being the safe option, leaving no trace of play except in the minds of the chosen few who complete it and see the “card rush” sequence.

Coming back to the startup of the week, solitaire free is well worth a look and given a well deserved 5/5 stars and an ace to the face.

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4 Responses to Play Solitaire Online Free

  1. This website is known as a stroll-through for the entire information you dreamed about this and didn’t know who to ask.

    That solitaire game is awesome thanks for making it!.

    • Actually Ian, I didn’t make that Free Solitaire game, but I do know the person who did and she plays it every day.

  2. Useless! Games terminate in the middle for no apparent reason, and it is NOT a bug — it is a built-in “feature,” coded for no reason I can think of but to annoy users. AVOID!!!!.