Ruby Loft Escape Walkthrough - Page 2

Ruby loft escape piano.  Zoom in to the piano.  Now you have to play the tune from the book.  The code is GCEBA.  The keys are CDEFGAB.  So press the keys in order: 5,1,3,7,6.  You will get the ruby loft escape rose from the piano.

Look at the small green couch on the left.  Then from there tap on the dark brown wood box.  Pick up the lit cigar.

The code for the dark brown cigar box is from the back of the chairs.  The code is cross, triangle, diamond, circle.  Enter this to get the cigar or brown mouse.

Look at the fireplace area on the right.  Keep tapping on the dark blue marble vase on the left to get a candle.  It is near the top and hidden.

Use the ruby loft escape knife on the left plant with the leaves to find a leaf.  This plant to use the knife on is placed on the fireplace screen.

The clock is dirty and stuck shut.  Maybe pry it open.  Yes, using the screwdriver from the cooker panel.  The clock has stopped at 10:10.

Nice day for a fire.  Place the newspaper into the fireplace.  Use the lit cigar to light the fire.  Pick up the monkey wrench.

Go to the Ruby loft kitchen.  Zoom out once from the kitchen so you can see the back of the chairs again.  Notice the lamps at the top.  Pick up the red ruby.

One of the lights is missing a bulb.  Attach the light bulb you have to the lights.  Note their colors.  Red, green, blue, yellow.

Look at shelf just to the left of the door.  Pick up the ruby.  Tap on the book to see a color code.  The color code is from the color of the lights.  Red, green, blue and yellow.

Open the box to get the blue and green ring and the knob.

Go to the old grandfather clock and zoom in to the time face.  Attach the knob to the left of the clock face to open the door.

Set the time on the grandfather clock to 10:10.  Zoom back out one time and open the lower cabinet to get the pendulum that looks like a CD.

Zoom in to the main ruby loft escape door.  To the left is a small box for mail.  Tap it to see a set of 10 items.  That’s an odd group of items.  Blue bottle, candle, cigar, white knight, green leaf, pendulum, ring, rose, salt shaker, wrench.

You have all these items.  Place them into the box in no particular order.  Pick up the small red ruby when you have added all the odd items.

Open the loft door to exit and escape the ruby loft room.

This completes the Ruby Loft Escape help guide and written walkthrough.

Ruby Loft Escape review.  Graphics are passable, puzzles are 3/5 and there is no music again, like sapphire room escape.  Overall, I give ruby room escape a review score of 3/5.  Ruby room escape is good for free, but not enough entertainment to pay for the ruby loft escape game.

Ruby Loft Escape
: 3.53 out of 5

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  1. Kinda confused me but it also gave clues but needed to be clearer.