Should I Drop out of College? - comment page 1

If you’re considering dropping out of college to start a business or internet startup, or even just to be an entrepreneur and freewheel your life, then let me tell you this: I’ve said it many times.  Do not drop out … Continue reading

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4 Responses to Should I Drop out of College? - comment page 1

  1. I dropped out – or rather, failed out – of college in my first year. My issue was depression, and it took me about three years to get in control of it. Today, I’m 27, and I’m still struggling with the consequences of my financial decisions during that time.

    It’s not the end of the world, though – you *can* work your way through it and come out on top.

  2. 1) Take the $100,000 and give it to HR to give you on the job experience and training

    2) Profit!.

  3. Federico Ravasinio

    You managed to explain what everyone near me just couldn’t.
    Thank you so much.

  4. Good post. All too real.