Shutting Down Bitcoin – Taking Down The Bitcoin Network

The Bitcoin Network has 4 key points of weakness. Namely: The Wallet Software. The Trail. The Public Data set. The Exchange. What follows is a quick discussion of how each of these components may be compromised individually and thus possibly … Continue reading

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65 Responses to Shutting Down Bitcoin – Taking Down The Bitcoin Network

  1. You need privacy on the web if you are critical of a fascist government such as the US govt has devolved into.

  2. Thanks for the article. I’ve been looking for information on how BitCoin can get regulated by governments in particular.

    Intuitively I thought that because the network is peer to peer based there would be no way of actually taking down the coin but clearly blocking new deposits will ruin the BTC ecosystem. So specifically governments might regulate banks and make them block all deposits from accounts into BTCWallets. But aside from that what else can governments do (singularly or in a united effort)?.

    • Some new developments and information on Bitcoin regulation and tracking i’ve been notified about.

      A well known CIA investment front recently secured a share in a popular exchange. If you have a Bitcoin wallet or account attached to that exchange your data given to them can now be requested at will, and you will be added to the datalist as a potential suspect in crimes you may or may not have yet possibly committed or been a party to.

      Be careful who you give details to. Particularly ID if you are using Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency for legal purposes. You could get mixed witth a bad crowd.