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100 Crypts Cheats

100 Crypts Answers. These are the answers to every door for 100 Crypts. These cheats contain spoilers, hints and tips for the game. The 100 Crypts app is available for Android, iphone and ipad devices.

Level 1: Touch the door and it will open.

Level 2: You will see a key on the floor. Pick up the key and use it to open the lock on the door.

Level 3: At the base of the door is a slide lock. Touch the slide lock and the door will open.

Level 4 :There is a painting on the wall. Shake the Android phone or device and the painting will drop. On the wall is a key, pick it up and use it to open the door.

Level 5: The rock can be moved. Touch the rock again and again until it moves out of the way. Then touch the button behind the rock to open the door.

Level 6: There is a fire on the floor. Shake your Android device and the fire will go out. You can then tap the door and exit.

Level 7: On the floor is a hammer. Pick up the hammer and use it to break the wall. Behind the bricks is a door to exit the room.

Level 8: There is a fireball and a window on the screen. Turn your game device upside down and the ball of fire will move up the screen (down the screen when it is upside down!). This will open the door.

Level 9: In the middle of the scree, where the door should be are 6 bars. Tap them from top to bottom in order.

Level 10 of 100 Crypts: There is a book on the floor and a red button. If you tilt your Android device to the right the book will slide to the button. Once it touches the button it will press it and the door will open.

Level 11: On hte floor are flowers of different colors. Count them and you will see 4 red, 4 pink, 4 purple and 3 yellow flowers. Now change the numbers on the cross to the same. That is, top is 4, right and bottom are 4 and left is 3.

Level 12: There is a candle on the screen and a star. Shake your Android and the candle will fall. Slide the candles into position on the star. 2 candles to the top point of the star. One candle to the lower right point, and one candle to the lower left point.

Level 13: You will see a chair shaped like a door. Press the symbols on the chair in order: Top left, bottom right, top right and last is bottom left.

Level 14: There is a lever on the screen. Press it and hold it down until the box comes down. Then pick up the lantern above the lever and place it in the box.

Level 15: The clue to this door is the paint splashes near the top of the door. The final colors to open the door are: red, yellow for the top row, orange for middle, blue and green for bottom of the door.

That is the end of the 100 Crypts walkthrough. If you find this 100 Crypts cheats guide useful please share on Twitter and Facebook. These solutions were created by Nerdr and are for the Android game, 100 Crypts.