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4 Scenes 1 Movie Answers

4 Scenes 1 Movie Answers for Android, ipad and iPhone.  These hints, tips and cheats will help you finish the game before your friends.  The app 4 scenes 1 movie was developed by Fruitella games.

These are the answers for the 4 scenes 1 movie app for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Level 1 – A blue guy and girl is Avatar.

Level 2 – white and black men with weapons.  The black man has his hand on the other mans shouler and they look Roman.  A man in a skirt with a sword, water and a hand.  This is Gladiator.

Level 3 – Hulk.

Level 4 – Man in black hat talking with blond lady.  Sun rays through a fence and a man shooting a flamethrower.  One man holding another mans hand.  This movie is Rambo.

Level 5 – Orange clothing on 4 men with motorcycle helmets.  These are the astronauts from the movie Armageddon.

Level 6 – a panda movie, stripey tail and a blue tiger picture.  This is Kung Fu Panda.

Level 7 – Man with red hand with white glowing palm in the middle (not the tree) is the hit movie Iron Man.  Did you know he got paid $50 million to act in Iron Man?