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Android tablet OS naming issues

One of the key reasons, I believe, users are not buying in to Android tablets is the OS naming system.  This together with version control and the next big thing always being better than whats on the shelf, together with being just a few months away is causing low sales and customer non satisfaction.

In particular, the use of version numbers and the ridiculous naming system that end users simply do not have the time to comprehend.

Sure, geeks understand Android tablet OS names perfectly fine.  Names like Honeycomb for Android 3.0 and others are easier to say I guess, but mass market users haven’t got a clue.  Such naming conventions mean ANY Android tablet coming onto the market is not able to achieve impulse buy status as users simply do not understand which is best.  Its the same confusion one finds in Best Buy when looking for a new PC.

A few years ago, PC’s came with processors which were easy to differentiate between one another.  A 3.3MHZ processor was clearly better than a 3.1 MHZ processor.  But try buying a modern pc and you are left stumped as you try to figure out just which processor really is better.  I had to resort to online speed tests to break a decision deadlock just this past weekend and Best Buy stores lost an easy sale to Dell (I managed to procure a Dell discount voucher online as I was searching for the speed test tables, something I wouldn’t have done if I had just purchased from BB while in their store with Credit Card in hand).

Combine the Android tablet operating system naming with the rumour mill and the fact the cutting edge Android version is always light years ahead of the ones on the shelf and you’re left with a difficult decision that most buyers struggle with.  Do they buy the 2.3 Android tablet right now or wait a month for a 2.3, both of which lack the features talked about in online tech previews of the Honeycomb 3.0.  Then by the time Honeycomb comes out the previews will be showing off the latest Android 4.0!

Customers are not buying and those are the main reasons why.

I think it Google needs to take steps soon, and quick, if Android tablets are going to be anything like what they have the potential to be in the near future.