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Celebs Quiz – Who is That? Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android

Celebs Quiz – Who is That? Answers. Celebs Quiz Walkthrough is a Trivia game by symblCrowd GmbH. This walkthrough contains solutions to all the questions asked in the App. This guide contains hints, tips and spoilers for the questions. Celebs Quiz cheats are also contained on this page.

Celebs Quiz – Who is that? Answers. Celebs Quiz Level 1 Answers.

Megan Fox
Stefan Raab
Paris Hilton
Justin Bieber
Brad Pitt
Johnny Depp
Barack Obama
Will Smith
Dirk Nowitzki
Elton John
Steve Jobs
Sebastian Vettel
Muhammed Ali
Emma Watson
Albert Einstein
Michael Schumacher
Angelina Jolie
Jackie Chan

Celebs Quiz – Who is that? Cheats. Celeb Quiz Level 2 Answers.

Fernando Alonso
David Guetta
Mike Tyson
Jessica Alba
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Miley Cyrus
Angela Merkel
Oliver Kahn
Daniel Radcliffe. From the Harry Potter series of books.
George Clooney. Famous for looking good.
Benjamin Franklin
Vladimir Putin. George Bush called him Pooty Po.
50 Cent. Soon to retire, feels he is too old for rap now.
Britney Spears
Tiger Woods
David Beckham
Elvis Presley
Katy Perry
Bruce Willis