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Color.com privacy concerns

For those who have not heard, color.com have released an app.  Let me tell you what it does.  It lets you take a picture at the same time others are taking a picture around you and joins them together.  Sorta.

Wait, is that it Nerdr?  well, not quite.  You see the reason its major news (other than their significant online marketing budget) is the $41 MILLION dollars (Yes, thats dollar dollars for you English and finance majors – but I bet you Art majors didn’t even bat an eyelid!)  they secured to fund  the whole thing from none other than seqoia capital investments.  Yes, thats the same Seqoia capital investments venture capital firm that bought in to Google before it was the “in thing”.  Back in the altavista days of search engines.

And now they’re in to Color.com.  What does that now mean?  With the significant market power this venture capital firm now has at its disposal, with some powerful friends in very high places, it is clear color.com Continue reading