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Diamond Penthouse Escape 1 Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Diamond Penthouse Escape walkthrough and guide for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Diamond Penthouse Escape app is created by TeraLumina Games. This guide for Diamond Penthouse Escape 1 contains hints and tips for completing the puzzles, there are some spoilers.

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Welcome to the complete Diamond Penthouse Escape 1 guide and walkthrough for iPad, iPhone and Android.

You awake to find yourself stuck in this penthouse apartment. Can you find a a way out and leave with all the diamonds?

Red diamond on floor. Zoom in to drawers, white diamond on floor. Zoom in on hidden couch on right behind drawers. Pick up pink diamond.

Move to 4×4 cabinet on right wall. Pick up light purple diamond. Pick up statue in top right shelf. On bottom shelf there is a box containing an orange disk.

Go to the large dinner table. Note the pattern on the wall. Tiles 2,5,6,8,9 are raised. Move to the drawer in the middle of the penthouse and enter this code. Inside the drawer cabinet is a yellow screwdriver and yellow disk.

Tap on the big television in the room. Pick up the green diamond on the left. There’s a cover screwed to the wall. Select the screwdriver and remove the cover from the switch. Tap the switch to see the pattern. dark-white, light-white-black, black-light.

Return to the drawer in the middle of the room and enter this code on the right cabinet. Inside you will find a red disk and ultraviolet light.

Move to the dinner table and select the ultraviolet light. You will see the plates have colors. Yellow, light blue, green, dark blue, pink, orange, purple, red.

In Diamond Penthouse Escape 1, zoom in to the fruit bowl by tapping it. You will find a key and yellow diamond.

Return to the 4 by 4 grid on the wall of the penthouse. Use the key from the fruit bowl to open the locked box and get the knife.

The bottle is stuck to the shelf. Maybe you can pry it off. Select the knife and pry off the wine bottle.

Move to the left cabinet against the wall. Pick up the green diamond in the bowl. Insert the wine bottle into the missing space in the Diamond penthouse episode 1 game. This will unlock the drawer above the wine.

Under the television there is a small table, zoom in on that. Pick up the purple crystal in the bowl.

Zoom in on Time Magazine. You will see a time on the cover, 8.20. Pick up the red diamond in the Diamond Penthouse Escape App.

Return to the central drawers and the clock placed on them. Set the time to 8.20 to get the green disk. Pick up the orange diamond here.