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Escape If You Can Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Escape if you can walkthrough and guide. This Escape if you can guide contains spoilers, cheats and solutions to the Escape if you can app. The cheat guide has help, hints and tips for solving the rooms and answers to exit each floor of the Escape If You Can game.

Escape if you can level 1. Tap on the small television you see on the screen. They do not have LCD in this game. If you hit the bottom left button 5 colors will show on screen. The colors are: Black, Red, Yellow, Orange and Green.

Tap the dark white square on the wall near the door. Inside is a red crowbar. Select the red crowbar and use it on the vent to unlock the code panel. In the code panel enter the five colors from the television.

Escape if you can level 2. Find 4 numbers around the room. A red 3 near the pink plantation. A yellow 6 is under the table and a blue 8 is under the chair. Also under the chair is a ring taped to the bottom of the chair. Use the gold ring on the small wooden table box and open it. You will get the gold key and see a white 7.

Use the gold key on the wall hole to open see the safe behind the picture. Enter the code to unlock the safe in Escape if you can: 7863. You will find another gold key inside the safe. Use this gold key to escape the room.

Level 3 The ladder workshop room. Escape if you can room 3 solution with the ladder. Tap on the right table, then the saw to see a white zero. Tap the handle on the left table after zooming in to see a green 5. Next to the ladder is a hammer, if you tap the top of the ladder you will see a vent. Use the hammer on the vent to get a black wire part and a red 1.

Show the control panel for the red drawers. The color of a number will change if you press it more than once. The code you need to unlock the red drawers is: red 1, red 3, green 5, white 0. Inside the red tool drawers you will find a screwdriver.

Use this screwdriver on the lift button screws. There are four screws in total you need to remove. Next, attach the black wire to the lift internal system to exit the room.