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Guess The Movie Super Hard Pack Answers

Guess the movie super hard pack answers. These cheats and answers are for Guess The Movie Level 7 – Super Hard Pack. If you need help with Guess the movie normal levels 1-6 then look at the other Guess The Movie walkthrough guide I made below.

Guess The Movie Levels 1-5.

Guess The Movie Super Hard Pack. Answers to every icon in the Guess The Movie super hard levels.

Aladdin. This is easy!
American Psycho
Angels and Demons
Castaway. If you have seen the movie Castaway you will easily get this ball.
Cowboys and Aliens. A badge and a cowboy hat.
Dirty Harry
The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Independence Day.
The Invisible Man.
The Italian Job.
Mars Attacks. This super hard to guess!