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Guess Cheats and Hacks

Guess cheats and hacks guide for the Guess! App.  Guess is made by Tinyco Inc.  This Guess game guide and walkthrough contains hints, tips and cheats for Guess.  Included are strategies to get free coins for Guess.

To get free coins in Guess use the following tactics and strategy.  Guess contains many cheats you can use, similar to how Draw Something was filled with cheaters.  Cheating on Guess will spoil the game for everyone, so I expect this game to not last very long in the top charts.

Enjoy Guess while you still can guys!

Write your words in reverse.  If you reverse the letters of a word it can still be clearly understood by the other person.  You can write whole messages in reverse letters and the other player will guess right and you will get the points.

Start many games, and in each one write the answer in reverse.  Keep doing this until you find someone who understands your cheating method.  Then you both get lots of points and free Guess coins for cheating.  If someone doesn’t like it just delete them from your list and try a new random player.

You can also keep the start and end letter correct but change the middle letters in your guess clue or sentence.  This trick will let you cheat at Guess and let you use the secret words.  For example, write your Guess clue as PLNAET and everyone will know it is PLANET.  If you do this hack the Guess matching algorithm will not detect it.

Later when the Guess guys at Tiny Co Inc. develop a better anti-cheat mechanism you can add extra characters.  Using the example of ANT, you can try AoNoT.  If you cheat well it is impossible to not get a bag full of free coins on Guess!

Overall I think there are too many problems to Guess! that make it open to cheating and cheaters.  It is too easy to cheat, the good players will leave because of the Guess cheaters.  Those who are cheating will stay because they don’t care and just want the points.

In Draw Something cheaters would choose the difficult 3 coin choice and write the answer.  This means they would get the points, and the opponent would also get the points.  The cheaters would then buy things from the store using this money.  This incentive makes them cheat more, and it is the same in Guess!.

Many people are already complaining in the Guess App comments section on the App store about cheating.  They’re saying no one is playing too (no one likes to play cheaters).  For this reason, if you cheat, you will be the only person left playing Guess.  However, you will have lots of Guess points and gold coins.  Is it worth it to cheat on Guess?

The truth is Guess will not be around forever.  I estimate it will lose hype in about 2 weeks.  So even if you cheat on Guess it doesn’t really matter…it’s just an App. Called Guess.  That people cheat to get gold coins on.

If you cheat, and everyone else cheats too on Guess, then what will you spend the gold coins on?  You don’t need the extra hints, or the extra words, because you’re cheating anyway!  You essentially have 2 weeks to cheat as much as possible, then spend all your coins on nothing.  Then delete the Guess App.

Is it okay to cheat on Guess?  What do you think?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts.