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Letterpress App Cheats and Hacks Guide

Letterpress App Guide on how to win in Letterpress every time without cheats and hacks.  This Letterpress cheats and hacks guide will cover legitimate ways to win the game using tactics and other ways to win using generators.  I prefer to play Letterpress by using tactics, please don’t cheat!

Letterpress using cheats and cheating on Letterpress.

Here are some Letterpress cheat programs you can use.  These are Letterpress word generators and a words dictionary system.  Please don’t use them and keep the game of letterpress hack free.  I wish there was a way to have cheaters in a separate area of Letterpress.

  • HAYTCttp://words-solverDOTcom/letterpress-words-solver/
  • HAYTCttp://letterwordsDOTco
  • HAYTCttp://wwwDOTanagrammerDOTcom/letterpress-cheat/
If you are interested in more serious Letterpress cheating you can use the guide here: HAYTCttp://finiteDOTstateDOTio/blog/2012/11/09/HAYTCacking-letterpress/

For all the above links just replace HAYTC with h and DOT with a period.

To identify a Letterpress cheater.

The easiest way to identify if the other player is cheating in your Letterpress app game is to see if they are making many big (>6) letter words.  If they repeatedly do this, without common endings like “s” or “ing” or “er” then they are Letterpress cheating.

If you are playing against a letterpress cheat you will most likely lose.  So I suggest you just quit that game to save time, or maybe only play Letterpress with friends.  There is no way to block someone who is cheating on Letterpress.


Letterpress Tactics and Strategy

If you find good players to play the Letterpress app with you can use the following tactics to help you game.  If you know any good Letterpress tactics or Letterpress strategies to add leave a comment below!

The vowels are very important in Letterpress.  Make sure you lock these down as quickly as possible.

Place one of your colored squares near all vowels as quickly as possible.  This prevents the block above.

Block the Letterpress grid corners as quickly as possible.  It takes just 3 letters to block a corner on the Letterpress App grid.  Once you have a corner you will nearly always keep the corner until the end of the Letterpress game.

A strategy I use on Letterpress is to get the corners.  Then expand and join the corners together using the sides.  Then slowly move in to the middle of the Letterpress grid.

Memorize some standard words that use rare letters.  Like ZIP and ZAP and VOLT.  This will help you in the end game to quickly win your Letterpress game.  Always be ready to get the final letters if you sense a win is possible.

If you have more tips you would like to add to the guide just leave a comment below and I’ll add them so everyone can see.


Letterpress Review

The game of Letterpress becomes boring quickly.  There is no log of points you gain and nothing really to show you are a winner once a game is over.  I deleted it after 2 days.  5/5 for the first hour, then 2/5, maybe even 1/5 after 2 days once you see a few cheaters who spoil the Letterpress game.  I did purchase the upgrade to the Letterpress app for $0.99.  Letterpress was free but the upgrade was not really worth it long term because I stopped playing Letterpress after only 2 days.