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How Long to Charge Hudl Tesco Tablet

Charge times for the Tesco Hudl Tablet.  Below are the experimental results of my analysis of the Hudl battery charging times.  These are the results of the first two battery charges on a brand new device.  Older devices might get battery wear and tear over time that makes the battery take longer to charge.

Hudl charging times data set 1.

  • 4% – 9.20am start.
  • 52% at 10.15am.
  • 68% at 10.40am.
  • 74% at 10.50am.
  • 100% 11.40am end.

Hudl battery charging times set 2.

  • 31% at 8.06am start.
  • 62% at 8.45am. – started playing a game app at this point until 9.10am.
  • 75% at 9.12am.
  • 87% at 9.30am.
  • 96% at 9.50am.
  • 100 at 10.05am end.

From this data collection of the Hudl battery charge times I make the following conclusion.  The Hudl battery takes 5 % of charge every 10 minutes.  You can use this to figure out how long it will take to charge your Tesco Hudl tablet.

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