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Mobile Tech Innovation and the $100 million opportunity

Mobile manufacturers are running scared.

Market share is collapsing.  New products are being sold to customers with no benifits, obvious or otherwise.  There is little to no innovation, mobile tablets are everywhere with poorly designed software and rushed products design, and to top it all off we have Apple losing its sheen. The old heirarchical business structures just can’t compete on speed of innovation with modern tech startups and thats precisely why I say we need a disruptive 3.0 in the mobile product space.

Heres the bullets:

  • Innovation – Over the last 3 years mobile phone design has pretty much centered around “copy Apple”. It doesn’t matter what actual features your customers are begging you for (*cough* flash *cough*), just copy Apple and you get to keep that cushy CEO chair. What has this led to? Well how about every single product on the market today being Continue reading