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Location of Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone Water Damage Indicator

The location of the water damage indicator on the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. The moisture sensor paper is under the back cover in a special location. To find and see the water damage indicator paper you will need a Philips screwdriver and your phone.

A plastic pick is also helpful for separating the back casing. I used an old sim card and it worked great, but damaged the old sim card slightly.

Before starting I should say I accept NO liability if you damage your phone, warranty, or anything in any way by doing anything mentioned on this page or any page on this website. You accept total liability for your actions. I am not sure if doing any of this affects your Samsung S4 phone warranty in any way, but it’s your task to find this out before doing the process below to find the water mark warning indicator. You will only be removing 8 screws and removing the back cover with the pick. No electronics are removed or harmed by this process.

Remember to ground yourself before doing anything with electronics because of static electricity. You can ground yourself by touching a grounded central radiator with your hand before starting. A metal door handle might work too, but I’m not sure.

First, turn over your Samsung s4 phone and remove the back cover. Remove the battery, sim card and memory card if you have one.