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Stupidness 3 Free and Pro Walkthrough and Guide – iPad, iPhone and Android

Stupidness 3 complete cheats, walkthrough and guide. Stupidness 3 app is made by Orangenose studios and is available from the Appstore for free. Here is the FULL game guide for Stupidness 3 HD.

Stupidness 3 puzzle guide and questions covering stages 1 to the end.

Stupidness 3 stage 1. Who is shorter – Turtle.

Stupidness 3 stage 2. What’s the next number? Answer is 12. 2,4,6,8,10,12.

Stupidness 3 stage 3. Which room is the safest?
1. A 300*C burning room.
2. A room full of deadly poisonous snakes
3. A room with lions who haven’t eaten in 3 years. ANSWER!
4. An empty room with no air.

Stupidness 3 stage 4. Tap on the right tick. Turn the iPad, iPhone or Android device upside down and click on the right tick.

Stupidness 3 stage 5. Which one is furthest from us? Moon.

20% of Stupidness 3 complete!

Stupidness 3 stage 6. Cut the blue wire. Cut the blue wire!

Stupidness 3 stage 7. Catch the shooting star. Touch the screen with two fingers. Then tap on the moving star.

Stupidness 3 stage 8. What’s the next number 2,1,0,-1,-2,_. Answer is move the dash at the end up to make a minus sign. Then type 3.

Stupidness 3 stage 9. Cut the blue wire. drag all the other color wires off the blue wire and cut the blue wire.

Stupidness 3 stage 10. Hide the elephant. Drag and move the elephant off the left side of the screen!

40% of Stupidness 3 app completed.

Stupidness 3 stage 11. Arrange the number to form the biggest number possible. Drag the three to the left, then place the 2 and 1 to the top right of the 3. So it’s like 3 to the power 21.

Stupidness 3 stage 12. Shoot the Bird. Shoo the arrow at the word “bird” in the question.

Stupidness 3 stage 13. Push teh box in the direction given. Touch just to the left SIDE of the box and push off screen to the right.

Stupidness 3 stage 14. Fit the shapes completely into the outlines. Move the square and two triangles into the square outline.

Stupidness 3 stage 15. Arrange the numbers to form the smallest number. Solution is 2.34. Use the period sign from the question as the decimal point.

Stupidness 3 stage 16. Push the button 3 times. Touch the word “the button” three times. Stupidness 3 App.

Stupidness 3 stage 17. Arrange the numbers to make up 16. Drag the “1” from 16 to the top right of the 1 in the equation.

Stupidness 3 stage 18. Complete the equation cat and fish. Drag the cat into the first box and the fish into the second. Then rub on teh FISH part of catfish until it is just cat.

Stupidness 3 stage 19. Push the buttons. Find the word Button in the question and swipe up underneath it.

Stupidness 3 stage 20. Tap on the longer arrow. Drag the third arrow, which is pointing left, up to the left of the first arrow. Then tap the first arrow.

80% done with Stupidness 3.

Stupidness 3 stage 21. Remove the apples from the tree. Shake your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone to remove some apples from the tree. Then drag the remaining apples off the tree.

Stupidness 3 stage 22. Tap on the correct equation 9 + 9 = 21. Turn your iPad, iPhone or iTouch upside down and tap the equation.

Stupidness 3 stage 23. Let there be summer. Move the sun close to the Earth.
Let there be winter. Move the sun away from the Earth.
Let there be night. Move the sun off the screen to the right.
Let there be wind. Drag and quickly move around the Earth.
Let there be no earth. Place the Earth onto the sun to destroy it!

Stupidness 3 stage 24. Shake only the right hand. Hold one finger on the right hand and shake your device.

Stupidness 3 stage 25. How many stars will you rate this game? Tap the 5th star.

100% complete Free version!

Stupidness 3 stage 26. Create the third square. Drag the second square to lower right corner of the first square to make a tiny third square.

Stupidness 3 stage 27. Try to catch the frog. Tap the next and current leaf at the same time to catch the frog.

Stupidness 3 stage 28. Make me an iced coffee. Rub the steam coming from the coffee cup until it disapears.

Stupidness 3 stage 29. Get the ball out of the box. Tilt your iPhone to yourself until the ball falls out.

Stupidness 3 stage 30. Catch the frog again. Tap all three leaves at the same time. The frog will be yours.

Stupidness 3 stage 31. Tap here to proceed without flipping your device.

Stupidness 3 stage 32. Remove the pens cap. Split the pen from it’s cap using two fingers. Nice apostraphe guys.

Stupidness 3 stage 33. Save the polar bears. Rotate your phone around and shake the polar bears out.

Stupidness 3 stage 34. Okay, let’s take a 5 minute break. Ignore the timer itself and just drag the words 5 minutes up and off the screen.

Stupidness 3 stage 35. Create a longer sentence based on the sentence below. Drag and drop the comma from the questions part and place it at the end of Stupidness 3 on the first line.