The perfect ebook reader?

I want to buy an ebook reader.  In fact, I’ve wanted one for close to a year now.  I could get one for as low as $100 right this minute, so why have I STILL not purchased one?

Well, it’s because the feature set is just plain lacking.  It’s seems ebook readers are just not made with all the features I need.  So, should you be an executive higher up at Amazon or Huwei electronics, please take a look at my dream ebook list below.

Dream ebook reader list:

Color screen – I read a lot of technical documents due to my day job.  These have color diagrams and colored text to allow quick reading and remembering.  I need color and black and white or Gameboy shades of green and gray just don’t cut it.

Large file/Textbook support – I have a lot of textbooks.  Huge files, 100MB plus, full of technical engineering diagrams.  This is pretty much all I’d be reading as I don’t really have the time to read fiction these days.  I’d like support for large files and diagrams.

My own ebooks – I have over a hundred ebooks I’ve purchased over the years.  They’re in PDF format and i’d like to be able to just copy them across without needing to convert to a different format like epub or repurchasing them.  I just don’t have the time to deal with this triviality.

No DRM – If I pay you for a device, I’m paying to own it.  Once I own it, do not touch it with your sticky fingers either in person or electronically.  It is mine.  This is particularly in reference to Amazon deleting user books from their device without their permission last year.

Why you should buy an ebook reader

  • Long battery life.
  • All your books in a single place and easy to carry around.
  • E-ink does not hurt your eyes like LCD screens can, therefore reducing eyestrain.  This is especially good for those who like to read late at night or for longer periods at a time.
  • An anti-glare screen is also a given with all ebook readers.  Great if you like reading outdoors.

What I don’t want on an ebook reader?

  • annotation.
  • a keyboard that takes up 1/3 of the screen.
  • Internet access.

I just want a way to comfortably read my books without having to carry them all with me at all times.  That is all.

I just read Amazon are releasing a color kindle at the end of 2011.  This might just be what I’ve been waiting for!  Although I’m sure it’ll be crippled in some way…ah well…the search continues…

What would you like in an ebook reader?

Do you know anyone who actually uses that keyboard covering 1/3 of the Amazon kindle screen?

Which reader do you have?

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