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Viglink reviewed over our recent trial period to see how well it converts. Note this Viglink review also compares Viglink to Skimlinks because we now have data for both. The key point against Viglink is it has no clearly accessible … Continue reading

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3 Responses to Viglink Review - comment page 1

  1. Hi There Nerdr,

    First of all, thanks very much for taking the time to split test VigLink vs. Skimlinks. We’re so pleased to hear about your earnings!

    Wanted to address a couple things in your review here:

    Regarding a transparent merchant list with associated commissions, we’re working hard on being able to provide this to our entire user base. It’s top of mind for us, and we completely understand why it’s important to our users. Good news: it should be available shortly!

    Are there additional reports/reporting functionality you would like to see available? Which reports in particular? This is also something we’re likely to focus on in the immediate future.

    We’ve got a brand new marketing team (http://www.Viglink.Com/?Vgref=115499) in place as of about 6 weeks ago, and we’re already hard at work redesigning a simpler, more user-friendly website.

    Finally, if link density is an issue, you can email supportATviglinkDOTcom to adjust/increase density for a particular page.

    Again, we’re pleased you’ve found success with VigLink, and, as always, feel free to reach out at any time with questions/concerns. Your feedback is very much appreciated!


    • Whitney! Looking forward to that merchant list. For additional reports I’d suggest taking a look at Skimlinks reporting functionality, it covered all the core requirements during the test period and is pretty thorough. More metrics are always a plus.

      I’d suggest making link density a menu option rather than requiring an email to support. For tweaking link density and other link features, the more options that can be A/B tested quickly the better, especially as Viglink and Skimlinks are not yet context aware/self optimizing.

      It’s proving itself as a great monetization method, second only to Adsense. Glad we tried it! Viglinks.


  2. Hi Nerdr,

    Meghan from Skimlinks here; I wanted to drop you and your readers a note to fill them in on some of the highlights of our service and why we are the #1 choice for automated affiliate monetization.

    Check out The Skimlinks Advantage: httpCOLON//blog.SkimlinksDOTcom/2012/10/24/the-skimlinks-advantage/

    We have zero downtime, and support staff in London and California so we can help you with your site round the clock. We also have a product called SkimWords that can find product references in text and create affiliate links on them (more found money!)

    Have a great day!
    -Meghan at Skimlinks.