Whats The Pic Answers, Cheats, Solutions – iPod, iPad and Android

Whats the pic Answers. These are the what’s the pic answers, cheats and solutions. This walkthrough of hints and cheats will help you if you are stuck in the whats the pic reveal the pics to guess the word game. … Continue reading

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162 Responses to Whats The Pic Answers, Cheats, Solutions – iPod, iPad and Android

  1. Carolyn L. Lozier

    I’m stuck on level 81 but i love this game is Hella addicting.

  2. What is the level 20 on logos on whats the pic.

  3. What about that lolly one.

  4. This really helped me find the answer on tricky question
    And I would love u to all use it it is so helpful
    I need the cheat for 41.

  5. What is the one that looks like a zebra crossing!!! It’ so frustrating when you get a really hard answer and you don’t know what it is.

  6. I found this guide very helpful but there is only one problem:the answers are not in the proper order. Well they might be. I did not pay that close attention to it. But thank you very much for posting this website.

  7. Level8-Man with head on edge of table with book on his head & pic of blk pencil.

  8. This is so wrong, but it feels so right. :p 3:).

  9. Need more help!!!.

  10. Brilliant.

  11. Hi am stuck in level 134? Any clue.

  12. This helped me so much but please update more answers because I need your help YOU ROCK.

  13. Could not progress without the answers. Would lose interest.

  14. What is the answer to level 7 on what’s the pic with cups? Cups don’t fit.

  15. I am stuck on level 100 word start with s and choice of letters are
    Can you help please.

  16. This is a fun game. And I know a lot of seniors are enjoying it as well. They all help each other when they get stuck. Team work. Thanks for a great game. And it’s free. Fun.

  17. Thanks you for da help.

  18. I am stuck on level seven and I see what you have for an answer but it does not match with the pic I have… its of 3 cups on blue one yellow and one pink I believe… and its 4 letters long! Please help I can not find an answer anywhere!.

  19. I am on level 339. Having a hard time figuring out what this one is. Have anwser let me know please.

  20. More answers.

  21. I love this site and everything but, U NEED TO UPDATE IT. I’m stuck on 108. Once u get this far u will realize that I have looked at about a billion sites and this helped….. Until there was nothing left.

  22. There is no way level 29 is pokepp. It’s a picture of a baby chicken and the letter P isn’t even a choice. I have no ides what it is.

  23. All you need is love

    Hay thear is more what about 41.

  24. I’m on level 400 bet that losers!!!.

  25. PinkLadycherry


  26. PinkLadycherry

    Those answers aren’t even right level 33 is not road it’s bridge.

  27. I need answers to the last 2 levels Tricky and sharp.