Whats The Word Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 4

Kick. Four images of people kicking.
Twist. A crumpet, spiral galaxy and black and purple people dancing.
Alert. Two dogs and red fire fire picture.
Bale. Hay bales.
Dirty. Hand with thumbs up and a dog.
Grin. Smiling guy, pumpkin and dog. The cat is not grinning.
Teal. Four light blue items.
Plan. Monopoly houses and a measuring tape.
Zip. Kid with red t shirt, zip and a banana?

Cub. Teddy bear dog with santa hat, lion and a panda.
Bunch. Keys on dark blue background. Grapes, yellow sticks and banana.
Stag. Four animals with antlers.
Narrow. Thin window and narrow passages.
Heron. Four pictures of long thing necks.
Wide. Camera lens, guy with arms out and lady with crazy eyes.
Halo. Spaceship, sunset and blue moon with white dot.
Area. Snow, moving stairs and a park bench.
Code. $25.00 sign and lots of 1 and 0. Calculator and a red love heart in a blue box.
Crank. Lots of things with handles.

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370 Responses to Whats The Word Answers – iPad, iPhone and Android - Page 4

  1. What’s the one with the guy giving his girl a present, the carnival ride, parasailing, & guy with flowers???.

  2. I can’t figure this one out 7 letter. A whisk and two eggs, a sauté pan, a painted wooden spoon and something that looks like salmon eggs or cavar. Letters areNIUKAYAPQCE. Thanks in advance.

  3. Stuck on a puzzle on the Facebook version.
    1, sewing kit
    2, heart pendant
    3, santa hats
    4, blue shirts hanging on a ril
    extra picture, hand wearing a red woollen glove
    letters are

  4. Castle on waterfront, condos, glass high rise, the letters are p s t t d o e m e l a.

    • Ok I need to say aomething. Your email address, if your remove Gyp from it what does it say? Cannot be good to have that in your email phyllis!.

  5. This one seems like it would be easy but it’s not coming to me. 8 letter word. All 4 pictures are of daisy’s. First picture is a field of daisy’s, 2nd picture is one daisy, 3rd is another field of daisy’s and last are daisy’s in a bowl. Letters are:

  6. Person holding pepper
    3 glasses (like wine glasses)
    inside of lock
    yellow box that looks like lock.

  7. Victoria Urbina

    2 pictures one word 8 letters qfeqwfbluiqpqrrhdldk
    Pictured a red fire extinguisher and a half built brick wall.