Why I’m Selling My Samsung Galaxy S4

If I had purchased an iPhone instead of the Samsung S4 it would cost me more at the start.  But when the time comes to sell I would have made more money back.  Even though now Apple products don’t get as much return as they did 5 years ago when you could buy something and sell after 1 year for the same price you paid.  Buying an Apple iPhone would have still been a better decision than an S4 for me.  $50 a month lost!

In the end, you buy a phone to make phone calls and send messages.  Maybe you use it for some data, basic apps, and GPS traffic directions.  All these features you can have in a phone that costs around $150-$200.  Because of this I feel I made a bad decision buying the Samsung Galaxy S4.  The truth is, I don’t NEED a quadcore snapdragon processor in my phone.  The only people who do need a quadcore snapdragon processor in their phone are those people who play game apps on their S4.  And they are then paying the extra $300 just to play games.  Think about that and you will see it is true.

As everyone gets more Android devices in their home (I have Samsung S4 plus 2 tablets now) it becomes less useful to have a powerful phone.  For this reason, I feel the Samsung Galaxy S4 is too much power for what a modern person needs.  It would be great 2 years ago, but now everyone who can afford a Samsung S4 phone will have tablets for games.

I predict a phone will become simple again.

Another reason for simple phones becoming more popular is that most of the features on the Samsung S4 are gimmicks.  They are things you turn off after just one day.  The hand wave thing, the eye follow technology.  It’s all useless and adds nothing to the Samsung S4 experience.

The truth is, I’ve never really been happy with my Samsung Galaxy S4.  It has had some problems and been in to repair 3 times.  It’s ok, but for the reasons above, I should have chosen an Apple iPhone.  The camera is amazing though…and I will make so little selling the Samsung S4 on Ebay.  Maybe I should just keep it, it has lost all the extra value now anyway and I will just get $300 back.

Should I sell my S4 or keep it?

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  1. Thank you! Solved the problem for Far Cry 3!.