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As a continuation of the thought process started in part 1, here’s why Spamming really is “worth it”: Time – In the hour it takes to write one article of reasonable quality, I could have a fresh spam blog up … Continue reading

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5 Responses to Why spammers spam - comment page 1

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  2. I’d argue against it being robust. I’d be worried if I were a spammer, every time Google does an update my entire life could be ruined. On the other hand a “normal” website as you put it may be blocked too. Interesting post.

  3. I like your style. I’m a self-taught developer who’s spent the last 3 years “deep” in the affiliate scene, and I’ve made best friends with some of the biggest spammers and blackhat SEO in the world. Combined, the services I’ve done consulting for process over 30% of the SEO spam online. Personally, I don’t spam, because the money’s easier in PPC affiliate marketing — Less challenge, sure, and more up-front investment, but when was the last time your spam campaign surprised you with 10x ROI for a week?

    If you want to talk more about this, maybe feel each other out for contacts or something, just hit up the email I posted this with.

    • I’ve seen an enormous amount of talent going to waste in the startup scene. Guy’s fresh out of MIT working 100 hour weeks trying to be “ramen profitable” while begging VC’s for a crumb and giving their right arm in equity. I’m honestly nervous as to the revenues these tech founders could generate if they went into spamming (i’m including affiliate marketing here too, as it’s a way to get those links out there, and of course black and white). The potential upside is massive and they have the skills to make a significant impact. What a waste!.

  4. I totally agree with all your points. I come from a frustrated background of attempting to launch webservices for profit, but doing this by yourself is taxing. Spamming and site generation are among my passions to build an income stream. Above all else, automation – from tools designed and produced by myself – are beneficial to this arms race.

    As the previous poster said, you meet some great people in this scene. Sure, you have those who have dreams of being millionaires and are completely unskilled at marketing, site creation, research, and development — but then you have guys who see it for what it is and assist. I’d like to open a dialogue with you about your thoughts, so if you find the time — hit me up on my email.